Common Core Teaches Communism

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Glancing through my local liberal-propaganda newspaper (* I noticed an article on Common Core full of lies, starting with “The CCSS Initiative is a state-led effort…” Go here for truth on that. And, here is the truth about Common Core.

Karen Schoen explains Common Core.

“Hello Americans:

Common Core IS NOT NEW. The only thing new is the name and the fact that no parent or community or school board of legislator had any participation in this new unproven educational fad.

What is Common Core? Think of Common Core as an operating system provided by the Federal Govt. This Federal voluntary mandate provided in stealth as part of Race to the Top contains …

1. No community or parental participation
2. One size shoe fits all training
3. No proven test model
4. Intrusive Data mining with unknown costs
5. Replaces literature texts with technology manuals
6. At what cost to the district?

Although these items are dangerous, they are merely diversions to the real danger: Content and method of learning. As a former educator, I was trained in Dewey’s, “modern education” whose sole purpose was to train students while dumbing them down. I watched while American history changed before my eyes. I know these have been overlooked for decades.

1. The content of the material – Unfortunately relatively few look at the content. If people researched they would realize these anti-American lessons have been around for years.
The content of the material – communism/socialism has been in our school for decades. The Progressives running the schools are not interested in a well rounded child with an understanding of American morality and government. They are only interested in creating “human capital” able to work for the government sanctioned corporations now running the government and education.

Charter schools will become industry specific training grounds using algorithms imbedded in technology to allow the government and industry to track your child into a career path in elementary school. Once your child gets into that track, making career changes will not be an option without government approval.

2. The Skinner/Pavlov method of training which eliminates thinking by creating predetermined responses.
Example: When you want your pet to “learn” something, you repeat the command and give a reward. Eventually your pet will respond to your command without the reward. No thought necessary, just a reaction to your command. This technique is mind control and treats your child as though they are pets. They will not think, just respond. The child’s response becomes the predetermined outcome – outcome based education, one of the goal of CCS.

Whenever I give a seminar on Education, Common Core, Agenda 21, I am always asked why more parents are not involved.
The answer is because today’s parents are products of the same school curriculum which have been indoctrinating students into the “collective” (mediocre) mindset for years. The true purpose of education from our founding fathers was the study of politics and religion (morality) so Americans could monitor their Representatives effectively and participate in Government insuring freedom, liberty and morality would NEVER be lost.

If civics was taught in school, the legislators would follow the Constitution and America would be a free society. Instead for years, political and religion have been systematically removed from school while parents and students were told not to discuss politics and religion. So today we have a society that has no idea of the purpose of government, or the legislative process so it can easily be abused. Fact and truth are no longer important so We the People accept whatever the politicians say and are silent when they lie. Then we are surprised that legislators become communist (big government people) and have a limited ability to comprehend the Constitution or the Free Market.

Parents were trained to believe that their child should be dropped off at school, never question what the school is doing because after all the school knows what is best and the teachers have been trained. Over the years parents were trained to be less and less involved in education, politics and religion. Instead they are told the government knows best. Today 87% of the students graduating think the government will take care of them.

As a result, students are emotional power kegs, insecure, incapable of human interaction and understanding of anything out of their realm of career study. Common sense, confidence, responsibility, priority, reasoning are replaced with feeling good about their subject. human interaction is at an all time low as electronic devices replace simple conversation and interaction. People lack social skills and simple conversations often become shouting matches. Lack of ability to process multiple subjects creates insecurity and fear of the unknown. Humans – your children – lack the skill set to choose and their destiny is selected by a government official. Human capital will be forced to rely on the permission of the government for their future. “I have to ask the government monitor if it is OK.” will become the model instead of – “I want to do it myself.”

Once curiosity, creativity leading to invention is squashed, these desires do not go away they just manifest into something else. The desire to be different, be heard, be known, will be released like a pressure cooker in emotional displays of fear, anger, envy, hostility. Trigger words will be subliminally implanted in texts , Hollywood and the media. Actions of these emotionally charged people will be displayed in the form of flash mobs, gang rapes and mass murder.

The results of these actions will be used for good or bad depending on the needs of the government. Bad reactions will get the child tagged with an emotional syndrome resulting in trips to counselors, principals and the psychologist who often issue drugs giving your child an psychological profile following them forever. All information will be in the psychological profile in the newly created data base for all to see. Imagine 20 years from now based on that report your child will be denied access to something: gun, loan, trip, career and etc. or you could be reported as unfit.

Today we have a chance to stop this wreck before it is fully implemented. But we must be careful when describing what we want. Just eliminating Common Core will not solve anything. Remember I said CCS is just an operating system. If you change the operating system for something else and keep the same programs in place you will have the same problems. Communism is communism and it doesn’t matter whether you indoctrinate communism in Common Core or in NCLB, IB, AICE, in a Charter, Private, Home school or in a closet. The content of the material and the method used are the issue. If that is not changed, America, Freedom and Liberty will be gone forever.

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