Seeking liberty-focused candidates

Since the #ILGOP is immaterial:

The Illinois Opportunity Project

The Illinois Opportunity Project, a non-profit policy advocacy organization promoting free minds and free markets, is looking for candidates to run for the offices of State Representative and State Senator across Illinois. 118 State House seats. 59 State Senate seats. These offices belong to the people; they are not the personal property of political incumbents.

We are looking for candidates who understand that politicians (and elections) are the means to policy ends.

We are looking for candidates who have a desire to serve by advancing the liberty policy agenda.

We are looking for candidates who have the toughness for the Illinois political arena.

If this describes you, please visit

Selected candidates will receive support from the Illinois Opportunity Project.

80% of Illinoisans think their state is on the wrong track. And they’re right. The problem is the Springfield political class is disconnected from the pain they have inflicted. Policy choices impact lives.

Bad policy choices lead to an Illinois with an unemployment rate 20% higher than the national average.

Bad policy choices lead to an Illinois where two-thirds of children in 4th grade do NOT read at the 4th grade level.

Bad policy choices lead to an Illinois where we are 51st out of 50 (behind even the District of Columbia) in providing proper services to persons with developmental disabilities.

Political followers in both parties have done this to our state. Policy leaders can undo it. Are you such a policy-leader? Have you ever considered running for legislative office? Are you considering it now after reading this advertisement?


— Illinois Opportunity Project

Matt Besler, President

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