Proving yet again Normal doesn’t want to hear from citizens . . . .

Monday night the Town of Normal is finally “fixing” their Public Comment Policy. The Town is making sure it as difficult as possible for citizens:

PDSF page 105:–PDF

Right now citizens aren’t allowed to talk about anything not on the agenda. That was obviously illegal and the Town knew it. Instead of just having Public Comment, the Town wants people to wait until the meeting is over to bring up items not on the agenda. They could be waiting 15 minutes, 2 hours, or 3 1/2! Nice of Normal to care.

Just like the pothole filled roads, making your life difficult must be Normal’s goal! Did you hear the Halloween candy giveaway snaking through One Normal Plaza tied up traffic? What brilliant person decided to torture area residents with a large amount of traffic on roads that weren’t made for it? Think it wasn’t on purpose?

PDF page 110 – The $41,978 TREE Inventory report:

Original story:

I wonder if this dead tree at Maxwell Park was counted:

Remember when your gas tax was just increased? Remember when Stan Nord wanted an amendment saying those funds could only be used on roads? Remember when NOBODY agreed with him?

The additional $.04 isn’t in effect yet, so this is what Normal is doing with the tax you pay instead of fixing roads: PDF page 74

This is a $1,205,000 project with $964,000 paid by the bankrupt State of Illinois.

See why you should vote NO for changing the Illinois Constitution to give Springfield even more money to waste?

PDF page 69 – Repairs to West College Ave are going to be more than just fixing the road. Instead of the City Manager signing contracts, the Mayor gets to sign this one:

Does Koos want to build a monument to himself? Why is he executing agreements? Maybe he can explain why public comment is needed to fix a road:

Maybe because fixing the road leading to an industrial park isn’t really the goal?

PDF page 35:

Driving around town must be too difficult, a study is needed. More money from the bankrupt State of Illinois will help fund jobs for bureaucrats:

A few choice payments nobody is allowed to discuss:

This payment is on the checks list

Did somebody change the description to hide this is more spending trying to get a Tiger Grant? Every other payment to WSP USA Inc was for a Tiger Grant. This is from the August 3, 2020 meeting:

I wonder why the bond needs monitoring?

The library got the bathrooms remodeled recently and now a new roof. No need to build a new library:

More repairs to police cars and the ridiculous rent for the 2nd floor of 1 Uptown Circle – 1st floor STILL empty.

Who exactly benefits? More than a handful of people?






3 thoughts on “Proving yet again Normal doesn’t want to hear from citizens . . . .

  1. Doubling the fuel tax to repair the roads they said…yet they are spending it on bike trails. Now we see them as the LIARS they are.

    This is why Normal government cannot be trusted.

    Cummings in running for state rep, she will be as big a LIAR there as she is in Normal. We need to vote out of office every person who votes for this crap.

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