Why Normal’s agenda needed it’s own story

By:  Diane Benjamin


A couple more notes about the retirement present for Jeff Fritzen:


This purchase violates the Town purchasing policy:  https://www.normal.org/DocumentCenter/View/12829/2017-Purchasing-Policy-Manual-x?bidId=

Under Ethics:  PDF page 4


and page 5:


PDF page 2:  https://www.normal.org/DocumentCenter/View/7696/Chapter-02—Officers-Elected-and-Appointed?bidId=

Fritzen was paid $4800 a year as Trustee.  That gift was close to a 10% bonus:

comp trustee

PDF page 44

The Town is paying for a tree audit – $41,978.  A $15,000 grant was obtain for the State of Illinois to offset part of the cost.  Since software is involved there are future costs.  That $15,000 is also tax money.  Why does the Town need to inventory trees?  This program merely increases the size and scope of government.

Instead of mapping them on a computer, somebody should be taking care of the ones they plant:  https://blnnews.com/2019/08/22/the-dead-tree-chronicles-continues/

PDF page 79

The Town is buying 70 Electric Golf Carts and trading in ones purchased in 2013.  $224,840

PDF page 113

The Town knows how to make money renting a small patch for a cell tower, buildings not so much (history):

tower lease

PDF page 142:

The Town plans to pass the budget citizens have only had a few days to review.  It should be tabled until the next meeting.  

PDF page 151:

Congrats – your Water Rates are going up 2%:

water increase

PDF page 154

Redistributing your money:


An Ordinance Establishing a Mortgage Credit Certificate Program using Sand Creek Capital (dba Monarch Mortgage Management) as Program Administrator

Modest staff time would be required to support Monarch Mortgage Management during implementation of the program.  The Town may also incur modest expenses associated with marketing the program.

Monarch Mortgage Management will then coordinate the mortgage credit certificate component which provides home buyers with a federal income tax credit, currently up to $2,000 per year for the life of the home loan.

Sounds like a socialist program to me.  Remember when people saved money for a house, bought what they could afford, and didn’t expect government to pay their expenses?

See PDF page 168

The income and purchase limits for McLean County are ridiculous:

mclean county loan


11 thoughts on “Why Normal’s agenda needed it’s own story

  1. Interesting it is a “retirement” gift. I wonder if they figured nobody would notice. Fritzen did not retire from the position, as he was not employed by the city. If they want to give him a celebratory gift, they have to answer to the taxpayers for that. It would be interesting after a couple terms of Stan Nord would also receive a similar gift. Something tells me Stan would turn down the gift.

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  2. There also appears to be an error on that document about the mortgage credit under ‘targeted’ for McLean County. A lower limit when you have more people in the household?

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  3. As for the retirement gift, Uptown Girl got a bouquet of roses and all we got out of the deal was crocodile tears. R.C. got a nice framed certificate with the promise that we haven’t seen the end of him. Mark Peterson got a plaza named after him. What gives?

    Speaking of Peterson, did you see his endorsement of Fazzini in yesterday’s Pantycrap?

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  4. TJ…I did receive a gift card from the town for Christmas. I gave it back at the following council meeting unused. I was not the only council person to do this.

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    1. Good for you Stan.Not that it makes much difference in the whole realm of free spending Normal. I’m surprised Koos didnt take to the birdcage liner to criticize you on giving it back!


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