Green Top Fealty

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Below is what the parking lot at Green Top Grocery looked like around 2:00pm Sunday:

The reader told me 8 staff vehicles were parked at the back of the lot.

Maybe Green Top customers are too afraid to shop there now, One misstep, say the wrong words, and you can be attacked by the WOKE crowd.

Even though support is dropping for this self-proclaimed Marxist organization, Green Top felt the need to subject the community and their customers to propaganda:

Maybe they missed what happened to sports ratings when teams attempted to force their beliefs on fans. The fans didn’t hang around to listen.

Obviously one of those banners don’t fit with the other three. What the first banner does say is:

If you believe ALL LIVES MATTER – don’t shop here






6 thoughts on “Green Top Fealty

  1. Perhaps it is past time for like-minded citizens to come together and seriously consider breaking away from people who have no desire to live like us and form our own community. You only have to look a few miles away and see that communities like West Peoria and Savoy were established on some of these premises. How difficult would it be for a section of east Bloomington and Normal to break away and form its own community or see if Towanda would be willing to take us in or even consider forming a new community. I realize the big job it would be but maybe the time has come?

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