Is Koos profiting from lockdowns?

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader just found this story from May:

The story is about the citizens who showed up to protest Chris Koos’ business being open while many citizens weren’t allowed to make a living. It even includes his now infamous image taunting the protesters:


The story has a quote from Koos that will end his reign as mayor:

Yes folks, Koos is profiting from lockdowns that keep you from making a living.

Is he also profiting from all the new trails Normal is building? Two are on the agenda for tonight:

Constitution Trail will be extended again and planning is beginning for trails on West College.

If Chris Koos had any integrity he would recuse himself from the discussions and votes. If lockdowns are the new toilet paper, imagine what trail extensions are. Silver? Gold?

He won’t recuse himself, he’s too arrogant.

Normal’s spending spree is gearing up. Koos knows he’s finished. Too bad taxpayers get to pick up the pieces when he’s gone.

It’s not going to be pretty. He took a town with zero debt to financial insolvency, he just hasn’t admitted it yet.







7 thoughts on “Is Koos profiting from lockdowns?

  1. So adding more miles of trails is going to somehow attract people to the Town of Normal? “Yes I was going to move to a city where I can find a good high paying job, but instead I am moving to Normal because of the bike trails” said no sane person.

  2. Stay on this one, Diane. This is a clear example of an elected leader using his authority and influence to profit from decisions he makes that have a direct connection to his outside business. Nice detective work here.

  3. Mayor Bike Shop has used taxpayer dollars to promote his personal wealth building. It would be great to know his net worth before his government-funded “bike advocacy” programs vs. after. Can you say corrupt…

    Of course, since he has the town manager and council around his finger they won’t stand up for us peon taxpayers/voters/citizens. No one dares to go against the King!

    Check out the town’s website advocating his profiteering.

  4. The crooks figured it out a long time ago that that if you are in position to make crime legal then it is a win, win for them. Morality is of no concern. Owning the lamestream media is a must. Shower them with praise and taxpayer money and favors as needed.

  5. The new toilet paper huh? Well, we ALL know what that’s used for, and he’s just the right A** to know about such things.. IF these trail are so popular, then WHY do the all ride around the country AND Lake Evergreen?
    I know that the bike trail at Fairway and rt 9 to head west is used as a turn lane, as I’ve seen LOTS of people do that-is THAT EVEN LEGAL?

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