If Amtrak wants divisive, Chris Koos is the right guy

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this story? https://blnnews.com/2020/10/19/is-koos-profiting-from-lockdowns/

Does Amtrak want a director that openly taunts people who don’t agree with him?

Yesterday Koos proved yet again he doesn’t tolerate people who disagree with him: https://blnnews.com/2022/09/09/village-of-normal-discriminates-against-stan-nord/

Mayor Chris Koos was one of the votes to not allow Trustee Stan Nord to participate in the Executive Session remotely.

The rumor is 2 Trustees voted yes, the other 4 voted no. Until the minutes are released we won’t have proof of who the two are so I’m not going to reveal who they might be. Let’s just say: Don’t re-elect Lorenz.

If those two had walked out of the meeting in protest to Koos’s discrimination of an elected official the meeting never would have taken place because a quorum wouldn’t have been present. Instead they stayed.

Chris Koos has demonstrated many times he doesn’t care what citizens think. Taxpayers are last on his list as evidenced by his Public Comment policy.

If Amtrak wants divisive tell the Senate to confirm him. The rest of you should tell the Senate to vote NO.

9 thoughts on “If Amtrak wants divisive, Chris Koos is the right guy

  1. The only thing to make of Koos being on the Anthrax board is that he’s a big government kiss ass, who likes living large at the public trough. What else is new?

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  2. I expect he’s just taking the position so he can introduce a new slogan, and the policies to back it up:
    Amtrak – You’ll wish you just rode your bike!

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