Remember the signs Normal puts in the Middle of the Road?

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t Doug Fansler

Remember these?

Doug FOIA’d Normal for how many the Town has purchased and how much they cost. Since 2017 they have ordered a bunch of them. The Town has ONE sign at 6 locations. The signs and stands evidently don’t last long.

8/2/17 Bought 2 for $342.45

8/22/17 Bought 8 for $1,352.45

10/6/2017 Bought 1 for $68.00

10/9/17 Bought 2 for $129.00

10/18/17 Bought 8 signs and 25 stands for $1,336.95

1/22/18 Bought 21 replacement parts for $77.35

1/17/18 Bought 12 signs and 5 bases for $1,146.20

4/24/19 Bought 12 signs for $774.00

11/18/19 Bought 6 replacement parts and 6 signs for $647.45

2/22/21 Bought 10 bases and 20 replacement parts for $1,483.45

2/22/21 Bought parts and 10 signs for $1,416.00

Total: $8,773.30

Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

If people drive the same road everyday they are familiar with them. Others who don’t drive on streets with them often can’t see them and don’t know what they mean. The Town is providing a false sense of security to those on Constitution Trail and doing it with taxpayer money. I wonder if they use gas taxes to pay for them?

Yep, insanity.







7 thoughts on “Remember the signs Normal puts in the Middle of the Road?

  1. These signs are unnecessary and not needed at any of the Constitution Trail crossings…

    Koos and Reece have a long track record of wasting our tax dollars on unnecessary expenses though.

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  2. Normal knows these signs cause confusion and confusion causes accidents. Keeping these confusing signs up is going to result in an injury or fatality. When it does, I hope Pam Reece and Chris Koos get sued personally.

    Here is a video proving the Police know they are confusing.

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  3. This week, I was behind a line of cars because one vehicle decided to stop at one of these signs. The 2 bicyclists were correctly STOPPED on the Trail, as they are SUPPOSED TO DO. But once this car STOPPED traffic for NO GOOD REASON, the bicyclists proceeded. I NEVER Stop at these signs UNLESS the pedestrian or cyclist is ACTUALLY IN the crosswalk.


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