Unit 5 half truths

By: Diane Benjamin

Unit 5 didn’t have many attend their 2nd round of Community Engagement sessions last night. They really want to put a property tax increase on the ballot in November. They need attendees to get yes votes.

From a person who did attend, video is not available:

Kristen Weikle lamented unfunded mandates. They could have opted out of teaching Comprehensive Sexual Education but didn’t – even though they claim they aren’t teaching it. The email below proves they aren’t telling the truth. If they get a property tax increase what will stop them from expanding their Sexual Education to other grades?

Weikle also claimed the program didn’t cost them any money. Creating a curriculum and training must have been free. The email was written to Jeffrey Wynn, the speaker at Angels4Freedom recently.

Note the last line: Parents can opt out.

The email states teachers were trained by Safe Schools Alliance: https://safeschoolalliance.com/

Are your kids safe at school?






2 thoughts on “Unit 5 half truths

  1. The craziness in public schools is worse everyday.
    Half-Truths really are LIES especially when coming from those paid with (Extremely High) Tax Dollars.


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