Remember the signs Normal puts in the Middle of the Road?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t Doug Fansler Remember these? Doug FOIA’d Normal for how many the Town has purchased and how much they cost. Since 2017 they have ordered a bunch of them. The Town has ONE sign at 6 locations. The signs and stands evidently don’t last long. 8/2/17 Bought 2 for $342.45 8/22/17 […]

Citizens have hated those stop signs for YEARS, they are ignored

By: Diane Benjamin See this story from earlier today is you missed it: Below is the text of an email from August 2020 to the Normal Town Council, the author was purposely redacted. This email had been sent to Town Planner Mercy Davidson in November of 2019. Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 8:54 […]

MIA Common Sense in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of expecting people using Constitution Trail to STOP before crossing busy roads, Normal has put the below in the middle of some streets expecting vehicles traveling much faster to slam on their breaks for bikes and pedestrians: Normal has these on Raab, Shelbourne, Lincoln, Willow and Locust. People who don’t drive […]