Hey Normal:


The Normal Town Council has never voted to build the underpass, that hasn’t stop “staff” from making it happen anyway.

Citizens now have a chance to comment. Your comments will supposedly be forwarded to the Federal Railroad Administration.

Read the description at the link above and then email comments to: [email protected]

Utopia is only another $22 million or so away!


(click the link to read it easier)

12 thoughts on “Hey Normal:

  1. When did downtown Normal start being called “Uptown”? Who started the change? Why?

    I think we all should stop calling it “Uptown” when talking about or commenting about DOWNTOWN Normal. Anybody with me?

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  2. The BS part is the public has not even been asked if they want our tax dollars spent on this underpass. Instead, we are being asked to approve a detour for its construction.

    Everyone should submit responses saying we do not want a pedestrian-only underpass. If we must have an underpass, move it to Linden which is only 100 ft away, and make it useable for vehicles too. That way ambulances, firetrucks, and motorists can use it too.

    Remember Amtrak was building an overpass for the train riders. The extra $22 Million being spent for trail users. Of course, since king Koos and his royal band of rubber stampers are more concerned about those who ride the bikes and running shoes he sells the rest of us are not a priority.

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  3. Tyler,as a business owner in downtown Normal, oops uptown owner I can tell you that 10 years ago or so the downtown business owners overwhelmingly voted to keep downtown normal downtown but the city council rejected our response a council member at the time Barb ? was quoted as saying “uptown sounds so sophisticated”. The council then as today could give a shit, excuse the language about the small business owners in their wonderful town. The voters in normal as a result of the last election have allowed the excesses of mayor Koos and council to continue to fleece the taxpayers and ignore the needs of the small business owners. How sad!

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  4. The underpass is just the beginning. Remember Uptown 2.0, the plan to build a new library south of the tracks on land currently occupied by the old City Hall which is houses Parks & Rec and the Police. Both of those departments will need new facilities. Wonder how much more debt will be incurred?

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  5. I sincerely doubt that the “election” of Koos and his bandits was on the up and up. If they can take out duly elected POTUS like they did Trump in 2020 anyone that thinks Chicago didn’t throw some money and various persuasions this way is a fool. Ya got nobody in the counting room these days ya lose.

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  6. Downtown will always be downtown, no matter what Koos’s crew might claim. I will not use their terminology. Words have meanings, and words are not magically redefined by government elitists simply because they wanted some sort of a marketing slogan for their fancy boondoggle of a project.

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