Green Top’s utopia cracking

By: Diane Benjamin

If you shop at Green Top Grocery you might want to find a new place for groceries.

I’ve been watching this play out on Facebook for awhile, now 25% of the staff claims they aren’t going to show up for work. Evidently one management person is making their lives miserable.

There is an easy fix to that problem – Quit! Instead the employees created an entire website devoted to their complaints:

The internal problems have been happening for a long time. At one point the entire Board of Directors quit. Previous media coverage is linked at the above.

The employees that created the website didn’t add a YEAR to the date of what is labeled UPDATE. I assume it is from March of this year:

Where are all the “investors”?

Already know your money is gone?

Long time readers will know I’ve never been a Green Top fan. I’ve eaten there one time, my ham and cheese sandwich looks fabulous until the air deflated leaving a tiny bit of ham and cheese. The prices were a joke, I can grow my own food. Keep in mind this was Tari Renner’s crowning jewel development.

GT could have started this business in one of the many empty buildings in Bloomington instead of building an entire complex backwards on E. Washington. Don’t forget Bloomington has rebated taxes to them.

Hint: If you want customers have the door facing traffic!

This was suppose to fill a need in a “food desert”, but the prices were obviously for the elites in town until they started accepting food stamps and offering deals.

I’m not going to take the time to defend anyone. If GT is too difficult to work for find another job. The fastest way to change is making it impossible for the store to operate. That could mean no staff to run it or investors demanding changes.

Meanwhile, Green Top might be a place to avoid. Do they have a “No Guns Allowed” sticker on the door? (Like deranged people care?)






10 thoughts on “Green Top’s utopia cracking

  1. Leftists running a small business? LOL. They are basically children in adult bodies. This was bound to happen sooner or later.

  2. With the ever increasing food price inflation I give this joint a year at best. Employees that are not happy ought to go somewhere else. There are plenty of good local businesses that need employees.

  3. These crybabies need to learn that Illinois is an “At Will” state. Employers can fire you , any time, without cause. In fact , if they just don’t like you, or the way you part your hair, you may be terminated.

    What the first person received was a ruling in her favor for unemployment insurance. This has nothing to do with “At Will” employment. It’s a determination, by the adjudicator, that you are entitled to unemployment benefits , not your job back.

  4. I spent a lot of time reading the GTG Employees accounts of disrespect, harassment, intimidation, etc etc etc by Michael Talley. Why are they protecting this fool while the employees are being treated so horribly? Why? Who is he? Why would he be protected and allowed to behave so badly? It is truly disgusting that this guy is being protected for some reason AND the other people in positions of authority do not care at all. If I were Chloe, I would get an attorney to represent me against these jerks.

  5. Green Top was destined to fail from Day 1. It’s unlikely to ever make money absent rent from the other tenants and generous tax rebates and other government perks. I’m told the members/investors paid the $100 for social capital with the Clique and to be part of something. The members/investors hardly ever shop there and those that do only buy a handful of speciality items once in awhile. I found the workers’ page entertaining. One has to wonder why employees, most of whom hold low skill and low wage jobs, have the time and energy to create a website and band together in the face of what they found to be poor management and a bad environment. Maybe just find a new job.

  6. Please explain to me why I should hire someone as an employee who goes out and creates a website or even posts to the website disparaging comments, that could be considered slander if proven to be false, to work in my business? The crybabies are idiots! I hope local employers , especially the good ones , don’t hire them. They have the potential to be nothing more than a cancer to another employer. I agree with the majority. If you don’t like it then quit. Creating a website to complain reveals a lot about the individuals complaining.

  7. The simple truth is that wannabe limousine liberals in this town — who couldn’t get a job (or make the grade) in or near places like, say, Lenox MA or Katonah, NY (with the country homes of Boston/NYC REAL CORPORATE liberal money nearby) — are playing make-believe in BLN. With taxpayer money, of course. The. End.

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