Remember when Alderman Jenn Carrillo was arrested?

By: Diane Benjamin

Carrillo was part of a protest in downtown Bloomington around the Law and Justice Center. She took it upon herself to use her vehicle to “protect” the protestors.

She was arrested for illegal parking and disobeying a police officer.

The improper parking only cost her $25:

Not following the directions of a police officer was much more expensive, yes she sets an excellent example for young people:

She pled guilty in both cases.

The above came from the McLean County Public Access Search System:






15 thoughts on “Remember when Alderman Jenn Carrillo was arrested?

  1. I seem to remember a cover-up situation involving a terminated Bloomington police officer and the [false] arrest of a black man on the west side…yet somehow, inexplicably, I can’t find any public statements from BLM activist disciples on the Bloomington city council decrying what happened right here in town. It seems that their activism only applies to politically convenient, mainstream media-pushed set-ups that purportedly happened in big cities in other states. Carrillo and Crabill are phony hypocrites, useful idiot tools. Wonder if the leadership of BLM helped Carrillo out with her fines? Oh, that’s right, those people were saving up contributions to buy expensive residential real estate for themselves.

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  2. Let’s “reimagine” policing in a case like this.
    Certain preferred people decide to park their car in the middle of a street and when the police come to ask them to move their car they can tell them to “go take a hike” without making a large contribution to the general fund and McLean county. Other people of course will have to make the contribution because they don’t fit the new profile.

    Isn’t that about right?

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  3. I imagine that had it been my car it would have been towed and i would have been ticketed. But I’ll take being a regular citizen over being a pompus ass anyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

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      1. More on a certain Council woman who you can’t seem to stop obsessing about, neither can the usual suspects on this forum. Let’s see received a ticket went to court plead guilty and paid the fines. Gee, stop the presses, the crime of the century was just committed. I think a few people here need a mental health check.


  4. Your detailed article points out the parasitic nature of the political class and taxing bodies and provides support for consolidation of the nearly 200 McLean County taxing bodies. Consolidation may not reduce fees, but should reduce wages and benefits. That said, these fees and fines couldn’t be applied to a more appropriate loud mouth, low IQ bully. Ms Carrillo represents Ward 6, home to some of the very worst streets in BLM. She recently voted against upgrading facilities in her neighborhood, has previously voted against business expansion and toured her Ward to hunt down small business attempting to earn a living to pay City imposed fees and taxes during the shutdown. Ward 6 residents must be similar to Town of Normal voters… stupid or lazy to vote for someone who will represent taxpayers and residents

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    1. I’m thinking that the most important issue with all this is the fact that she chose to disobey a police officer. I would like to know how that went down. I would like to know if she’s proud of that too.

      But when you disregard the authority we give police to enforce the law (that’s their job), you put yourself and others in a very bad position. You certainly don’t make our communities safer as she would lead you to believe.

      How many examples are there of disastrous consequences of challenging a police officer when you’ve broken the law? Why do people do that? Because they’ve been told to by people like Carrillo.

      Is challenging a police officer that is enforcing the law the example she wants her young followers keep?
      Will she be equally proud of the consequences they suffer for following her lead?
      Is her ideology more important than their safety? Than the safety of our community?

      Following Carrillo will cause MORE police/criminal disasters, not less.

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  5. Jenn only lives on ward 6 because it was the only way she could get elected because so few people in ward 6 care enough to run. And there are far better people and options in ward 6 than Jenn! Jenn is a loser and I don’t even live in BLM. But I now refuse to shop in BLM because of Jenn and her antics and mindless followers. Who more than anyone besides Jenn need mentally counseling for being sheep’s. We can only hope that one day sheep’s realize Jen. Is the Wolf. Because at some point she will eat them alive and they won’t even see it coming. They council should censor her publicly if they want out of Townes to come back and shop in their city. Thank you Mboka for having the leadership courage to put this on the table. You have already shown more leadership skills than predecessor will ever have.

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  6. We need to know the make and model of the offending vehicle. If it looked anything like this . . . I’d say, “Well played.”


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