More lies for Normal taxpayers

By: Diane Benjamin

More emails the Normal taxpayers need to see.

Note the date, Rivian never requested water from Normal. The Town of Normal is trying to talk them into it.

Pam Reece has said OVER and OVER spending $5 million+ for water lines on top of Bloomington’s is for future economic development. The email below proves that was merely a talking point to sound better. Again, note the date:

On September 8, 2020 the Council approved a $250,000 water study, documentation of course says future economic development:

A few weeks later Pam Reece is having another email exchange with Ron Ulmer. She claims the Council was provided with all the information they needed:


The Council was not told (at least in public) the Town was trying to get Rivian to buy water from them instead of Bloomington. At least one Council member, like Stan Nord, knew nothing about it. How many other Council members didn’t know? Do they like being useful idiots? Do taxpayers like being merely the Town’s piggy bank? Can anything uttered by Pam Reece be believed?

One more thing:

Remember when Stan Nord went to HR and claimed he wasn’t being told the same things as the rest of the Council? The Town then hired a law firm to investigate. I bet that firm didn’t have the information I’ve posted today. They decided there wasn’t a problem. See their report here:

The joke is on the citizens of Normal who voted (or didn’t bother) to keep the same people in office. The comment below was just made to today’s first story, it says it all:

I’m not even half way through reading the FOIA emails. Stay tuned.





5 thoughts on “More lies for Normal taxpayers

  1. “The service line to the plant is irrelevant…staff provided thorough and accurate information about the problem we sought to address.” Pam Reece

    So Pam is the sole decider of what information is relevant and accuracy is defined only in the context of it aligning with her demanded outcome. She is manipulative, dishonest, and the furthest from being transparent.

    Deceits like this would be dealt with by termination of employment. Only in corrupt government are these people allowed to thrive.

    She makes $1/4 of a million off of the very people she lies to and and our elected officials are silent, sans Stan Nord.

  2. The election results of Normal are fairly easy to dissect. It’s what you get when such numbers of people who live in a town this size collect a government paycheck for a living. I’m not talking city employees who provide essential services. Specifically, a State of Illinois paycheck (ISU). The living is easy when your guaranteed income is extorted from taxpayers, you’ve got plenty of time for a wine-and-art-gallery evening stroll in downtown (tho there’s nowhere to park), and your retirement package couldn’t begin to be touched in the private sector. Koos’s little mockery last year of lock-down protesters and laid off workers made national headlines — and was a wet dream for the woke socialist indoctrinator crowd at ISU. Lying to these people should be applauded when it gets you what you want.

    1. You made me realize why the ISU staff never complain about parking in uppity town. They have their own assigned parking space provided by ISU, at no charge to them. They don’t have the same worries as us regular folks.

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