Update: Flat out Lie!

I should have read a few more pages before posting this story. See below, Kathleen Lorenz qualifies as a useful idiot.

By: Diane Benjamin

The two emails in the previous story are from last fall: https://blnnews.com/2021/04/15/more-on-normals-war-with-bloomington/

Those emails prove Normal’s plan to replace Bloomington water at the Rivian plant.

Note the date in this email to the Normal Town Council:

The two emails in the previous story prove the Town of Normal intends to replace Bloomington water with their own. Pam Reece continues the “official” story instead of telling the truth:

The only remaining question is what does the council know and when did they know?

Is the “professional staff” running the Town or the people you elected?


It sure appears the staff are doing whatever they want with taxpayer money, the Council are merely useful idiots who only exist to rubberstamp whatever staff dreams up.

When do citizens get factual information Pam?

9 thoughts on “Update: Flat out Lie!

  1. First, Kathleen Lorenz is a shit stirrer. How convenient that she has Stan Nord to blame when she needs to deflect from the point being made. Has this new, redundant water main not turned out to be for Rivian, Kathleen? What does she expect people to call it when Rivian will be the primary beneficiary of a new, redundant water main?
    Second, anyone with at least 2 functioning brain cells can see that the Normal elite knew about Rivian’s expansion ahead of time. They knew about it, and continually lied about it over and over. My question is, who is getting their palm greased for running a water main that isn’t needed? Who is using inside information to benefit themselves? With as much lying as they have done about this project, who actually thinks that no one got a windfall from this? I have no doubt in my mind that someone got paid for this.

    Again, disgraceful and disgusting.

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  2. As an afterthought. What would REALLY be ironic is uptown finishing the line to completion about the time RIVIAN goes broke or relocates.. Then those in Dry Grove could water their livestock and gardens..


    1. From your fingers to God’s ears. The complete and total exposure and subsequent demise of Rivian would be sweeter than the sweetest chocolate cake with fudge icing, and chocolate sprinkles.


  3. Maybe someone should ask the question “Will Normal assert that they will not provide water service to Rivian” It wasn’t too long ago that Normal was seeking a water supply as they did not feel the current resources at that time would provide enough, now they have excess? Certainly someone in Uppity Town Normal has been lying.

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  4. Are they liars? Of course they are. Koos, Lorenz, Reece prove it time and time again. Meanwhile, they’re playing with our tax money. Funneling it to who knows where. Where the heck does it all go and who is benefitting from it? Because the streets, roads, sewer and water lines are certainly not being adequately maintained and replaced. Anymore, I believe Reece and the staff, a.k.a. deep state, are running the show. They have made the people WE ELECT mere figure heads. (Except for Stan). Mayor Tiritilli and Councilman Blumenshine would have been a much needed asset to We The People learning the truth. But the powers that be made sure that did not happen. What are we left with? The Fox guarding the hen house.

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  5. Trusting what Judy says or trusting what Kathleen says is a no brainer . Kathleen has proven she is a cow tower to the liberal left and anything she say must be verified by at least three other people. Judy I’ve known for a long time and followed her council career. Like Stan, when she says something you can pretty well know she has researched it. Unfortunately like Stan she has been called everything in the book but a human by liberals. That does not stop Judy and if Kathleen thinks Judy is going to back down she’s got another thing coming to her. Judy doesn’t back down ,just ask Teri Renner

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