More on Normal’s War with Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember Pam Reece claiming numerous times the $5 million water project by Rivian is NOT to run water to Rivian? Bloomington currently provides the water. See this story:

I have a ton of documents I received by FOIA. Read these two emails and see if you think Normal has no intention of providing water to Rivian at the expense of Normal taxpayers:

I don’t see the document referenced in this email in the FOIA. Why is the “little book” not found in digital form? The only reason I can think of is to hide it.

I have many other documents to read, there will likely be more proof of Koos’ war included. Stay tuned.







3 thoughts on “More on Normal’s War with Bloomington

  1. Queen Pam does as she likes. She could care less about telling the truth. In her defense, she does not need to be truthful. Her council puppets will say yes as instructed.

    I am disappointed Koos and the bobble heads got another 4 years. Citizens just don’t care.

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