More WGLT comedy

By: Diane Benjamin


WGLT: What do you feel like the most common thread of misinformation is?

Alexander: The biggest one is ‘Those things kill birds.’ And then you hit them with the statistics and then they see, ‘Oh. Wait. Buildings kill more birds. Cats kill more birds.’ The amount of birds that are injured by wind turbines is nominal compared to buildings. It’s literally hundreds of thousands in difference — and that’s counting every turbine across the USA.

Isn’t this a protected species subject to fines? How many eagles fly into buildings?

Maybe I should get more pics of leaking oil. 😎

5 thoughts on “More WGLT comedy

  1. Gosh, I should have taken pictures of all the dead geese who died while flying into my house!
    It’s an article about wind turbines but the same headset about how windmills aren’t dangerous is the same headset that want to raise my taxes without any accountability of how the money is spent. Time to send another message, VOTE NO!!!!

  2. “Figures don’t lie, but liars sure figure.”
    Buildings kill more birds? Cats kill more birds? I expect these are “true, but…” There are how many Thousands of windmills? And how many Millions of buildings? And how many Millions of cats?
    So neither of those factoids actually indicate windmills are ‘safe’. Further, your average housecat may snag the occasional sparrow but now way is it going to take out an eagle or an adult goose. So the birds that windmills do kill are more likely to be the bigger, less common ones.
    And of course pro-green-agenda WGLT makes no mention of windmills’ inconsistent power generation or their contribution to higher energy costs…

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