Normal still discussing eliminating the USE TAX + more

By: Diane Benjamin

Two things in the budget you won’t know unless you watched last night. Chemberly Harris is getting $19,000 for her Youth On A Mission. Pam Reece has a $750,000 slush fund. Of course it’s for contingencies (wasn’t needed for the previous 2 years).

PDF page 121

Nothing aggravates citizens more than getting a bill in the mail because they bought a vehicle outside of Bloomington Normal. That is the USE TAX.

Karyn Smith brought up eliminating it at the last meeting. Either it is a campaign ploy because she has nothing good to run for reelection on or her and the staff are clueless.

If you live in Bloomington-Normal and buy a vehicle from a dealership you will be charged 7.0% Sales Tax. If you live in Bloomington-Normal and buy a vehicle in Lexington the tax rate is only 6.25%. After the vehicle title is processed in Springfield the Secretary of State sends this info to Bloomington and Normal so they can bill you for the difference.

Since most people don’t know this tax exists, it is a shock with they get a bill in the mail.

Here’s why the tax will not be eliminated – other than Normal NEVER decreases taxes:

  • Bloomington would have to agree to eliminate the tax too
  • This would seriously hurt local vehicle dealers

Why would anyone buy a vehicle in Bloomington-Normal and pay .75% more tax? Buying a $20,000 vehicle elsewhere saves $150. That makes it worth traveling a little. More expensive vehicles saves even more!

Local vehicle dealers:

You might want to inform the Town of Normal before they do something stupid to hurt your business!

If both Bloomington and Normal eliminate the Use Tax people will be buying out of town.

Just hit play to hear Pam Reece.

2 thoughts on “Normal still discussing eliminating the USE TAX + more

  1. If they get rid of the vehicle tax Altogether vs only eliminating billing for out-of-town sales, that would be a good thing. Maybe people from Lexington might come Here to shop.
    I didn’t go through the budget in detail – I know in years past Pam had a very sizeable slush fund that wasn’t specifically allocated to professional services. I wonder if they’re expecting to hire another team of expensive Chicago lawyers to do Brian Day’s work?


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