Documenting the Master Plan

By: Diane Benjamin

Doug Farr was paid $80,000 for the Uptown South MASTER PLAN that includes no natural gas:

This story is to document what the 4-3 vote was proclaimed to mean. In a year or two when a subsidized developer is found I predict the same council will claim the document labeled MASTER PLAN was passed and therefore can’t be changed.

You have to hear Chemberly Harris call the MASTER PLAN a report and therefore shouldn’t be changed to eliminate the no natural gas part. She is a master of deception since the document she voted for isn’t labeled “report”. Just hit play:

Another documenting what he said – Quote from the story:

Mayor Chris Koos clarified that approving the master plan does not make anything mandatory but serves as a recommendation for the town and staff to proceed. He emphasized the importance of addressing climate change and improving energy use in order to ensure survival.


Survival? Greta is that you? So Town staff is going to plan for no natural gas. Nice.

Obviously being energy independent with “all in” policies of energy production don’t interest progressives. This is why all energy prices are now high. You are a cog in the wheel, not somebody they care about.

4 thoughts on “Documenting the Master Plan

  1. Harris is just confused as usual. She will say anything to support Koos, even if it doesn’t make a bit of sense. In this case – you are not allowed to disagree with or change anything in the “report” because then the whole report is invalid. That’s like saying, you can’t disagree with me. If you do you insult my very existence. Cognitive dissonance.

  2. Is the Town of Normal going to do away with the town’s ga lawn mowers, trucks and various other deadly appliances?
    Are they going to go all electric in the multitude of buildings and other poorly designed and constructed edifices?
    Is Uncle Chris going to swap out all of his gas using vehicles, heating devices? Seems to me that as long as the majority is paying for the minority, all is good
    How do I sign up for the free stuff?

  3. They even got Preston, who seems to blow like Lorenz wherever they feel they need the most, to talk about working their plan. That will set it up when they argue they must work their plan and nothing that deviates from Koos’ directives.

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