Fritzen sues the Town of Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Read WGLT’s version:

Jeff Fritzen would get a lot more support if he hadn’t sided with the Town of Normal against the citizens who wanted representation according to Illinois law. He sided with the Town instead.

If you haven’t heard, Pritzker signed the legislation making Normal the only Incorporated Town that doesn’t have to follow existing law. They have their own law now locking citizens out of getting representation according to Municipal Code, back to 10 minute meetings. This law PROVES the citizens were right or it wouldn’t have been needed. Your elected officials are nothing more than YES votes for whatever the Town wants to do. Congrats. It also proves Democrats do not believe in voting rights, democracy, or the rights of citizens to direct representation. Electing trustees At-Large means no one has representation. It is illegal to make a law that only applies to one entity. Democrats believe in: I’m doing it, sue me.

Fritzen made the same argument as the lawsuit during Public Comment before the 2nd vote was taken. He was ignored then.

Back to the lawsuit. I’m going to predict this one. If it ever gets to court Judge Foley will tell Fritzen the Town of Normal is Home Rule and can therefore do whatever they want. That is the same ruling Judge Fellheimer used. Home Rule does not give municipalities unlimited power, but the ruling class makes that claim anyway. Unless you are filthy rich, government always has the money to defeat you.

You might want to read the Declaration of Independence about now.

Fritzen had better be willing to spend a lot of money for appeals. The Town of Normal will be willing to spend whatever tax money they need to.

I wonder if Koos will ask for his bike back?

7 thoughts on “Fritzen sues the Town of Normal

  1. I bet this lawsuit is political theatre with the blessing of Koos. I’ll explain…

    First, Fritzen and Koos are buddies. They are in many social pictures together. Koos very publicly gave Fritzen a bike. Koos and Fritzen have endorsed each others elections.

    Second, as you said Fritzen did the Mayor’s bidding to ensure Normalites cannot vote for officials which other Towns in Illinois allow their citizens to decide who holds those positions.

    Third, Fritzen ran for Mayor against Koos years ago and lost. Since, he has been a councilman. He has become friends with Koos and has supported the major spending projects that define Koos’ legacy. A Fritzen Mayor would keep Normal on the same path post Koos.

    Finally, you must ask 2 questions, “What does Fritzen have to gain by spending his money on this lawsuit when there are already plenty of dispensaries in Bloomington and Normal now?” Stopping this location from opening does little to stop people from buying, they will just drive to one of other dispensaries. The second question is “What does Normal gain by seeing this dispensary denied or allowed in court?” Normal and the council members get out of any legal liability. They can fall back on the excuse that the courts said they could or could not open. Some would argue that Normal would get increased tax revenue, but it is small as the pool of pot customers will just drive to one of the other dispensaries in Normal or Bloomington.

    All of this draws me to the conclusion that this is probable political theatre. It is orchestrated so Fritzen will have a platform to run for Mayor next election. Win or loose this gives Fritzen an edge and publicity.

    1. This is an interesting spin, but I think Jeff’s days in government are over. This is an issue he preached about quite a bit before it became legal in Illinois. I remember him saying that he’d leave Illinois if it ever got legalized and he’s still here.

      More than anything, this is citizen Fritzen’s view from the other side of the horseshoe. He now can see firsthand how little Council cares for people on the other side.

      1. Ha, ha! Fritzen leave Illinois over the dope issue? There’s so many more issues to leave BN than over another dope shop. Besides, Fritzen is a member in good standing of the ruling Elitist Clique. If he left, he’d have to start all over again sucking up to another community’s leadership. These people are too funny.

  2. This lawsuit is going nowhere. From the town code, “except on the grounds of new evidence or proof of change conditions found to be valid by the President and Town Council”. The town can do whatever it wants as long as some changes have been made and they accept those changes.

    I wonder if Fritzen is wishing he had support the citizens initiative to take back power from the council?

  3. If the lawsuit is poorly presented and argued resulting in a loss, it can be used as a precedent. Devious runs through a tyrants veins. Never forget that.

  4. This lawsuit is going nowhere. The town code clearly says an *application* cannot be approved for a year after being rejected, not an *applicant*. The approval in May was for an entirely different application with changes from the original. Even if you incorrectly interpret the code to mean applicant, it also says Mayor and Council can reconsider if they believe significant changes had been made. The ONLY reason the first application failed was because it was right before the election and those seeking reelection were scared to be seen as “pro-cannabis.” Oddly enough, it probably would have helped somebody like Stan win.

    In the end, the free market will win. This is just more pearl-clutching from the authoritarians who want to run your life.

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