UPDATE: Bloomington: Handouts will be back

I forgot to mention one of the callers to Public Comment is running for the County Board:  RJ McCracken.  Since he demanded handouts with no facts just feelings, he is unqualified to serve.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The meeting started with Public Comment.  The Crabill gang had 4 people lined up to beg for money.  Jeff Crabill wanted money funneled through the Township, evidently he didn’t read the law for who townships can distribute money to.  One caller wanted money given to local businesses so they could be pay their in employees in case they got sick.

The Council heard a presentation on insurance.  The questions asked starting at 30:00 were revealing.  Deductibles are increasing dramatically.  Workman’s Comp is ridiculous because of Illinois regulations.

Next they heard about finances.  Since the budget keeps going up they need to keep more in reserves.  It used to be $15 million, now it’s $18 million.  The projections for how the year will end up keep changing too.  At the end of March they projected $23 million in reserves, now it’s between $20 and $21 million.

They do realize revenues are going to be affected.  See a recap on the screen at 45:00.  Wednesday the City is holding a special meeting on the budget because it has to be passed before May 1st.  http://bloomingtonil.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?

A special meeting was called in case the discussion has to be extended to the 4/27 meeting.

See 54:00.  The Finance Director is assuming a decrease of 8.5% in revenue.  56:00 has another screen detailing what projects can be delayed.

Note:  Normal has said nothing to very little about how revenues are being affected or what plans they have for dealing with it.

1:02:30 Mboka Mwilambwe asked how using fund balance affect bond ratings.  Scott Rathbun said as long as the purpose is documented probably it won’t.  The City is documenting COVID expenses in hopes of getting some reimbursement from FEMA.  (Expect the federal debt to go over $30 trillion if cities across the country demand money)

The real fun started at 1:18:45.  Tari Renner introduced the Council Initiative by Jeff Crabill.  You really need to watch this part, using Zoom allows you to see the reactions of all the Council members, something we normally don’t get to see.

Tari is all for helping the most vulnerable people.  He didn’t say how they would be picked.  He then went around to table by ward asking for QUICK opinions.

Mathy – can’t have a discussion without a basic framework

Boelen – agreed with Mathy

Mwilambwe – also agreed

Imig – wanted the discussion

Painter – help is available from numerous organizations, she was a no

Carrillo – yes, details don’t need to be known ahead of a discussion

Black – wants a discussion after sounding like he didn’t have enough facts

Crabill – of course yes

Bray – resources need to focus on the deliverables the City must provide as revenues decline

Jeff Crabill lost 5-4.

They won’t be taking a vote at the next meeting, but I bet this will be back in the future.

One more note:  Jenn Carrillo proved how classless she is.  Her dog-whistles are inappropriate at a City Council meeting:

jc ICE


19 thoughts on “UPDATE: Bloomington: Handouts will be back

  1. It is nice to see that the far left on the council were able to rally Illinois People’s Action members to call in to plead for bailout assistance. This is the tip of the coming iceberg on how local and state governments will use the virus to move far left agendas forward. Expect global warming and promotion of the Green New Deal to be part of the coming scams.

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  2. Anybody know from what location Tari’s zooming? I thought he was homeless. Maybe the aid Jeff is requesting will benefit him. I hate to see Tari coach surfing during a pandemic.


  3. Any discussion by the Council regarding direct aid from municipal funds to individuals is a waste of time. The message sent to Jeff & Jenn was, NO. Wednesday’s special meeting should be interesting because I predict Jenn will go into tirade mode when she has a chance.

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  4. The Finance Director is assuming a decrease of 8.5% in revenue?! Now that’s some hometown scoring! I’m not buying it. Bloomington’s reliance on the service-based economy, including the highest per capita number of restaurants, suggests otherwise. If they wanted a revenue boost, maybe they could send a City inspector over to Mt. Recyclemore with a citation pad.

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      1. It appears even the Pantagraph can’t ignore it anymore. Although, they turned it into a grandstanding piece for the Council and Nora to show us they care. Apparently, according to the Ministry of Propaganda, it’s illegal and seven counts have been filed but with no fines issued. Emig says to cut them some slack because of COVID, but it appears no progress had been made from the start date of December 18th despite the City saying they needed to demonstrate progress. COVID is a convenient excuse in my opinion. Why is the Mayor’s office, the Council, and City bending over backward for this recycling company? Blatant violations with no effort to show even the slightest progress toward remediating the issue, yet no fines or actions by the City. Something doesn’t smell right (beside the pile). https://www.pantagraph.com/news/covid-19-interrupts-removal-of-mountain-of-used-child-safety-seats-in-southeast-bloomington/article_f8f15143-d32a-5f7d-9ad7-1230237bd447.html

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    1. Yes, the decrease in revenue will be a lot more than 8.5%. The bigger issue here is: What kind of fundamental damage has been done by this Chinese Communist Party Virus nonsense?

      Our area is dependent on money flowing in from the outside world in either wages, profits or investments.

      The questions are:

      How many businesses will be lost?
      How many jobs will be lost?
      How many of the jobs lost will result in relocation of the job seeker?
      How badly will GDP decline for our area?
      How many businesses will use this opportunity to slash payrolls or scale back their operations?
      How will this downturn effect future investments in the area?

      Please attach some numbers to the above questions… if you like. I would love to see everyone’s answers.

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      1. Life will never be the same in BN/McLean County or the USA. As someone said on a radio program today, expect a “Grapes of Wrath” kind of existence for a very long time.


  5. I CE helps the fight against child trafficking. Child abusers go to jail and aren’t set free. One can only deduce JENN is promoting child abuse and sexual abuse based on her shirt and poster. She is a sick puppy.

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    1. Carrillo’s wet dream is a complete invasion of this community by a radical minority faction. She will always see herself as BN’s own AOC. Like her, she hates all Caucasian people that don’t adhere to her efforts of intimidatation.

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    1. The over-the-cliff radicals on the council just make Painter look among the least afflicted. Yes, I think there is little doubt she will run but she is still a Democratic and a liberal one at that.


  6. I ask did any council member get a list of people who could not get help from any of the other council members claiming there was no help ?
    Every day another institution steps up with help, mostly free .
    During this 2 hour meeting Ms Carrillo vaped, wore a t- shirt that directly conflicts with the current law standings and sat by a poster that said ” Abolish Ice ” Did she not take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Illinois and faithfully discharge the duties of that office ?
    Just asking !

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