Every Illinois voter now has internet!

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember all those horror stories of kids camped outside restaurants and public buildings so they could learn during COVID school shutdowns because they didn’t have internet at home?

You either have received or will receive a postcard from the Illinois Secretary of State about Amendment 1:

Remember when you used to get a complete detailed report in the mail? It was always printed on blue paper so you couldn’t miss it.

Know what those languages are?

Illinois has these populations in large enough numbers and they can’t read English?

Since you are reading this on the internet, here is the link to the English version: https://ilsos.gov/publications/con_amend/ca_english.pdf

You only need to know 2 things about this Amendment:

  • An Amendment to fix pension expense destroying Illinois finances is not on the ballot. Democrats don’t want to fix the biggest problem plaguing local and state budgets.
  • This Amendment is not a Worker’s Rights Amendment. The amendment is in response to the Supreme Court ruling stating people could not be forced to pay union dues to keep their job. Democrats want to prevent Illinois from ever becoming a Right to Work State. Meanwhile states that have passed Right to Work are flourishing, people leave Illinois to live in them.

One excerpt meant to support a YES vote is very telling:

This amendment will help our economy by putting more money in workers’ pockets who join together and get raises. That will mean more money going into our communities and small businesses as people join the middle class with good-paying jobs.

Where is that “more money” going to come from?


Vote NO and tell all your friends to vote no.

Meanwhile, the next time you hear government wants to invest in infrastructure for internet, tell them it isn’t necessary. The State of Illinois proved it is with their multi-language postcard.






11 thoughts on “Every Illinois voter now has internet!

  1. Please explain this. Read and read again and don’t get what you are inferring.
    (Meanwhile, the next time you hear government wants to invest in infrastructure for internet, tell them it isn’t necessary. The State of Illinois proved it is with their multi-language postcard.)

    1. Voters need to be made aware of possible Constitutional changes. In years past, few if any people had internet so this was accomplished by a sizeable blue mailing that relayed the minimally required information. Voters still need to cast informed votes, but apparently the state has determined that the blue mailers are not needed. To discontinue the mailers when not all voters have the internet would be to deny some voters the opportunity to cast informed votes, and the government would Never do that, thus it must be true that the state has determined that all voters Do have the internet.

  2. Don’t trust anything digital or online as far as internet availability goes. Your points are right in target for sure!!

    Unfortunately- most folks are not discerning and believe everything they see and hear. Like rabbits going after a carrot. Programmed

  3. For one kids were given laptops at the beginning of the pandemic so they could access school remotely. This was happening before the pandemic so kids could do homework and e-mail it to the teachers. Some schools hand out IPADS, As far as internet access, the government is working on universal internet access just like they got electricity to the Tennessee Valley.
    The children you were talking about in that district gave the family a hotspot so the students could access classroom instructions from their home. The district is in full distance learning mode and said they’ve distributed 8,245 Chromebooks, 1,500 hotspots and are awaiting 2,500 additional hotspots. So many school districts gave students hotspots so they didn’t have sit outside of a Taco Bell.

    Of course you don’t want everyday workers to unionize. You and your readers want them poor and stuck in jobs that pay 7.50/hr. The only problem is that people are quitting those jobs and shoving them. The next time you’re looking for home health care for mom and can’t find anyone, that’s the reason, they will not work for the peanuts you want to pay them.

      1. The national minimum wage is 7.50.
        I’m a teacher and my kids worked very hard to learn under difficult circumstances. The fact is that kids did in fact have laptops and were given portable hotspots in order to log into class with me and send course work. They could even talk to me through Zoom. And I’m certainly not “playing” This is part of your agenda to smear public education.
        I wonder what you would do if you child came home and gave COVID to your elderly father or mother and they died? Or came home and gave it to you or your husband and you both died? Those situations happened. Close to 40,000 Illinois died from the virus, most were elderly or middle age immune compromised. Most caught it through going to church, and family gatherings before the vaccine. Florida has surpassed 80,000 COVID deaths.

      1. Can you elaborate on where in this amendment it states anything in regards to taxes?

        The amendment quite literally constitutionalizes an individual’s right to unionize, organize, and collectively bargain.

        The jump from “Codifying worker’s rights to unionize” to “taxes are going to increase” is not making sense

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