Governor debate tonight – 7:00

By: Diane Benjamin

The first debate between Bailey and Pritzker is happening tonight. It will be broadcast on Channel 31 WBDB:

There are three ways viewers can watch the debate when it begins at 7 p.m. Thursday — broadcasted on WMBD, on, or on the CIProud 2 Go mobile app. Nexstar stations throughout Illinois will also be broadcasting the event.

There is a pre-debate rally for Darren Bailey at 3:00 on the Circle in Uptown.

Drinking games have been popular on social media for previous presidential debates.

I suggest not playing any for this debate, like a shot everytime Pritzker make a reference to abortion or equity.






3 thoughts on “Governor debate tonight – 7:00

  1. I bet King Koos and Queen Reece are using their social media surveillance tool ZenCity to identify people who bow to Pritzker and target those who like Bailey.
    I heard they monitored social media to find restaurants defying Pritzker’s lockdown b.s.

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  2. For any readers here who are into ‘repurposing’, ‘found art’, ‘dumpster diving’, or just town beautification, I noticed a Very large amount of abandoned property along the public right-of-way on Locust street in Normal (just N of Bone Center) – might be worth your while to grab some, especially if you have uses for corrugated plastic or wire brackets.
    I would not be surprised if there are similar bonanzas elsewhere near campus…

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