Apply at Connect Transit!

By: Diane Benjamin

Bus routes are being trimmed because Connect Transit doesn’t have enough drivers. Will Bloomington and Normal be getting rebates since they aren’t getting the service they paid for? 😎

See the job description here:

Read all the way down to to bottom before applying however:





5 thoughts on “Apply at Connect Transit!

  1. :…angry or unpleasant individuals.” Who would that be? Surely they’re not referring to the passengers who ride the bus. Why would any of the bus riders be angry or unpleasant? The taxpayers provide transportation to these people at an exorbitant cost! The riders should be thankful, grateful, and pleasant, considering the service that is provided to them at a great cost to the tax payer.

  2. I’d feel worthless driving a bus that picked up less than 1 rider per hour on average. I think most people want to feel productive at their jobs.

    Connect is an overgrown waste. Just pay for people’s Uber if they are below a certain income level.

  3. I would bet that one of the “job” requirements is to be triple-jabbed up with the “vaccine”. Like I said many months ago, Transit Disconnect and ALL the other leech non-profits will cease to function because they all mandated the death shot. Their current employees will either become disabled or will die. They will not be able to hire or attract people because of: #1 They will continue to mandate the death jab. #2 The workforce is so depleted by the death and injury of the vaccine that there is no one left to hire. So the end of the bus system is right around the corner.

  4. “…The employee is frequently exposed to assorted fumes of airborne particles and toxic or caustic chemicals…” Not to mention the exposure to others that are sickly and then the angry and unpleasant individuals.

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