Unit 5 Vote YES group using fuzzy math

By: Diane Benjamin

See Unit 5’s state report card here: https://www.illinoisreportcard.com/District.aspx?source=trends&Districtid=17064005026

Graduation rate is 90%

35% need Community College remediation

30% of 8th Graders pass Algebra 1

26% are chronically truant (90% graduate?)

Unit 5 is currently spending $12,000 per student.

Unit 5 now wants a tax increase expected to raise $20,000,000.

h/t a reader:

See this graphic the group pushing you to vote YES posted on Facebook: (Details on the group in this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/09/27/before-you-vote/ )

Common Core Math: Vote for a tax increase and your taxes will go down.

Does this explain why only 30% of 8th Graders pass Algebra 1?

Keep in mind WGLT’s General Manager chairs the group – RC McBride.






12 thoughts on “Unit 5 Vote YES group using fuzzy math

    1. IN THEORY, what they say makes sense. Just like the progressive tax that was defeated 2 years ago. But this is Illinois, where a ‘temporary’ income tax increase was kept in place for Decades, and even then it was not rescinded, but made permanent. If you truly believe this propaganda, I’ll gladly enter into a contract to the effect of if this tax passes and there is no ‘red wave’ board turnover, I’ll pay your increased taxes for the first five years if you’ll pay my increased taxes thereafter.


  1. Most students don’t take algebra I until freshman year. I think about 10% take algebra I 7th grade and then geometry 8th grade. About 20% take algebra I 8th grade.

    Good article. I will vote no.

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  2. Because they know that people are going to vote No for this tax increase, they put this propaganda out there to try to convince people to vote yes. The local Marxists have been asked to lead the charge to persuade people that up is down. Unit 5 Kristen Weikle has a history of lying about 2 things we know of. Unit 5 Opted In to Comprehensive Sex Education when they could have Opted Out. Most school districts Opted Out. She called it “misinformation” when it was pointed out that Unit 5 HAD signed on to teach Comprehensive Sex Education. Of course it was true that they had Opted In, but she was trying to discredit the people speaking the truth. The other lie was in regards to the exorbitant raises some Unit 5 Employees received. She tried to deny that raises exceeded 6-7%. In fact MANY raises were double digit increases. She’s is quite adept at misinformation. That is why she wants this propaganda group to talk voters into voting for a tax increase. In an economy that is in HORRIBLE shape, voters cannot afford a tax increase.

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    1. If this tax increase was truly for the benefit of the children, I’d consider voting yes. But the schools have shown their priority is politics, not education. Whether it’s woke-ism, or virus hysteria, or Division, Exclusion, and Indoctrination, or starting down the road of implementing the grooming ‘standards’, or simply maintaining quality of education, in every case they’ve chosen what is Worst for our children. Rewarding them with more money is at best an approval of those policies, and at worst will enable them to do even more damage.


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