The debate:

By: Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t watch last night you can watch the debate here:

My take:

Bailey wants to repeal the Safety Act, Pritzker claimed he was open to modifications but didn’t specify any. Police unions across the State are supporting Bailey, State’s Attorneys continue to file lawsuits to stop implementation on January 1st.

A Peoria resident stated via video Illinois is rated #48 in business friendly, only California and New York are worse. That explains why Boeing, Caterpillar, Citadel, Tyson, and others are leaving the state. Pritzker touted some companies still here and claimed Bailey doesn’t know how to grow the economy. See 43:50.

Pritzker claimed MANY times the budgets have been balanced since he became governor. The budgets have also increased more than $10 billion in those 4 years. No mention of the Federal money Illinois received was made by either candidate. Bailey wants budgets to start with Zero Based budgeting meaning they aren’t automatically raised every year without justification.

See 52:40. The topic was illegals being sent to Illinois by border states. Keep watching, Bailey had eventually had the best line of the night.

Pritzker wants to ban assault weapons. That means taking guns away from people who haven’t broken any laws. He was asked why the legislature hasn’t done that since democrats hold super-majorities. Pritzker claimed they are working on it.

I thought the moderators did a better job than I thought they would. Another debate is scheduled for October 18th.

The link above also recaps how media viewed the debate.





15 thoughts on “The debate:

  1. Whoopie!! Google relocating to Chicago. More quiet systematic takeover offer our state and exploring citizens

    A shame real businessss left or leaving. Illinois has become a joke


  2. Anyone who thinks Darren Bailey won the debate or will even come close to winning the election is a fooling themselves. He dodged every single question, couldn’t name a single “Jewish leader” that sided with his holocaust/abortion sentiments and had zero answers of what he’s done to help the state as a senator. He’s as stagnant as they come and I can’t wait for him to go away.


    1. @JB for Prison

      You actually think winning a high profile election in Illinois is a good thing? HAHAHA. You’re a joke, and this state is a joke. I’ll act concerned when the corruption in this state starts to get cleaned up. Otherwise, it’s just more of the same, no matter if there’s an R or a D after their name.

      But I’m sure you would rather be right than anything above all else, so I’m probably just wasting my time. Oh, well. C’est la vie.


      1. One hundred percent correct about the present and future realities of Illinois. Freedom awaits you in various states if you are bold enough to take a chance. My wife and I haven’t regretted it one bit. Illinois is a total lost cause.


  3. We enjoyed the debate and believe Bailey did very well. Ol jb is a prolific liar, as usual. The moderators did a great job too.


  4. In todays age of technology and all the different mediums we have I can’t believe this is how we choose leaders in our country. 30 second to 60 second sound bites. It’s ridiculous. Long form interview style debates where the candidates can really expand on their idea would be better. I know most don’t have the patience to watch something like that though. We want the fast little sound bite jabs.
    One of the major issues our state faces is the pension crisis. They were give 30 seconds each to tell how they would fix it. Please

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    1. 100% agree Jim. IL will never regain any footing on any measured level until 1) municipal pension/HC reform is implemented, 2) consolidation of school and government entities and 3) consolidation/elimination of the parasitic taxing bodies that feed on IL taxpayers.

      Every elected position in IL; Local, County and Federal should have a “none of the above” box to check.

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  5. I saw three Pritzker chartered busses last night at the intersection of Main and Raab Road coming in from obviously Chicago. The Democrat machine is so strong in Illinois I don’t see any way Bailey can win. I’m to the point in my political engagement where it’s not about winning, but putting up a fight. Bailey is doing that. May his tribe increase in Illinois. We need more common sense farmers in public office.

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    1. I sincerely think the ONLY salvation for Illinois is to divide into 2 states, wall off Chicago and some of the surrounding area, give people with common sense a chance to get out of there and come down south and send up caravans of leftists to Chicago, they will be very happy there where they don’t have to contend with us hillbillies down state. Downstate will thrive within a year or two and Chicago will be even more hellish than it already is. Illinois would be a red state if we could get shed of Chicago, and NO we do NOT need Chicago, we REALLY don’t.

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      1. Your idea has merit but will never happen. The state and federal political establishment would never allow it. Your only option is to move to a red state.

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