Gearing up for the Welcoming Ordinance

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you needed any more proof the YWCA is one of the radical centers of McLean County:

DSA is Democratic Socialists of America.

They claim democratic socialism is much different from regular old socialism.  It isn’t.  It is just the first step to becoming Cuba or Venezuela.  They convince people to vote them into power and then they refuse to go away when the people finally figure out socialism  has destroyed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  By then it’s too late.

Why would they be holding a forum to expose the plight of illegal aliens?

Obviously the Welcoming Ordinance for Bloomington will be back on the agenda.

This forum will rally the troops again to descend on City Hall and demand it gets passed.  At least some of the new Council members only ran because Bloomington hasn’t complied with their will.

Next, they will demand the County passes it too.  They can pretend this won’t make McLean County a sanctuary, but it will.  Otherwise there is no need for it since the State already changed the rules to protect illegals.

Isn’t it great to live in a State where citizens are second class?

Remember when kids were taught in school that socialism is the opposite of freedom?


14 thoughts on “Gearing up for the Welcoming Ordinance

  1. When Democratic Socialists start blowing the winds of war, I’ll be ready. It won’t take long for this country to tank after they take over power. It’s just amazing, and sad, how many millennials follow their beliefs. This what you get when you let the Left control public education for the past several decades.

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  2. McLean County and BN as been a leftist political target for sometime. Embolden by the racist politics of Barack Obama, the Chicago political machine put a bullseye on this community. What a prize it would be to turn this area dark blue (actually socialist red) by flipping a historically political conservative area in the other direction. Because BN turned itself into a transient community mostly because of State Farm hires from other areas of the country and local higher education, the dominoes we’re in place to make it happen, All that was needed was the election of local mayors that thought the same as the Chicago leftist. The election of Koos, then Renner opened the door where political low-lifes such as Dick Durbin could create a crack in the local door by exchanging federal money for local political influence. Think it wasn’t done. It was. Durbin and others of his ilk have been able to infiltrate the area with “their people” by getting them jobs where they can influence local elections. People like Carlo, Rankin, Crabs and Carrillo are political animals that have no history of generational families in the area. Add people like Dontae Latson at the YWCA and other moles and the influence is unstoppable. The implementation of the ordinance is just one of the first steps in changing the local political landscape. You won’t recognize this area in ten years if it takes that long.

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      1. Why local media doesn’t report this….
        1) With the suspending of the 7-7-7 rule by the FCC (no one entity can own more than 7 TV stations, 7 AM stations or 7 FM) big corporations got into broadcasting. Due to this there are no real local stations…they are beholden to out of state corporate offices…..
        2) The suspending of the “Fairness Doctrine ” by the FCC. There was a time where by law broadcasters had to present and allow access to air time by opposing points of views on issues; as well as opposing candidates for public office. (CBS could not have the Colbert garbage on nightly without allowing an opposing show to offset).
        3) Rookie reporters. Look at the faces of the reporters locally. You have a group of people who come from and are just out of the “liberally skewed:” colleges reporting on issues that they don’t understand. They come from a society that believes just read this story….and are too lazy to do homework. They are taught not to think and work, just read what we tell you.
        4) BROADCAST INCEST….All one needs to say is General Manager RC McBride and WGLT while
        being a politician. Now it is his “how I got screwed tour” with revenge motives.
        5) The Pantagraph….total failure to report issues for fear of upsetting an advertiser…Plus they are in a media model that is dead….they just don’t realize it…
        Bottom line. We no longer have “local” over the air broadcasters….therefore they could care less as to local problems. Their model is to maximize profits and in most cases that is thru “Wendy’s” broadcasting. All look the same, make it bland to avoid controversy and who the hell cares about local issues….they live in New York.
        News is bad when CBS has to start their newscasts telling people, “Real news from real reporters”. Again that is something for the public to determine, just because CBS says it doesn’t make it true. There was a time 30years ago where the public knew this to be true because the broadcasters had earned such trust.


  3. We need a few dozen bus loads of illegals brought into town. That is what these people want, right? Open borders and welcoming anyone into your cities and towns….at our expense. If they enact this sanctuary city BS – I will personally petition the government to send our town as many illegals as they want.

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      1. Yes – A wonderful place to drop them off – they can set up cots and provide transportation and food for them! I am sure their budget can handle 5 or 6 hundred illegals.

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  4. This facebook group has 310 members and this particular post has been up since Monday and has 6 likes. The obviously don’t represent the communities views as a whole but have a big bullhorn to make us think they do. It sickens me that our local so-called representatives think they are representing the views of their constituents while voting for this nonsense.

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    1. I agree Jim. They represent a fringe that is trying to push a really nice community into the arms of leftists. All I can say is: Not is our town!

      We don’t want:

      Your lies
      Your pro-abortion
      Your sanctuary city
      Your socialism
      Your fake news
      Your safe spaces
      Your Anti-semitism
      Your gender insanity
      Your conspiracy theories
      Your challenges to gun rights
      Your climate change hysteria
      Your silencing of conservative voices
      Your challenges to the rule of law
      Your contempt for capitalism
      Your propaganda from the mainstream news
      Your taxing us to provide free stuff for other people
      Your fake diversity that divides rather than empowers minority populations
      Your failure to address the horrors that Islam commits and encourages
      Your gangs of thugs who violently assault conservatives
      Your hatred of our president

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  5. Please remember that, every time you give ONE CENT to the United Way, you are supporting this crap.

    Please, PLEASE, for the sake of our very survival, tear up those pledge cards (as well as those addressed to ISU and IWU) now!

    Give individually to well vetted, pro American charities/causes. There still are a few out there

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    1. And don’t forget other worthwhile causes that aren’t technically charities, like Diane here and good political candidates when the time comes!


  6. These will be the SAME idiots that will NEED welfare when all these “illegal” immigrants like Jen and her “ilk” come here and TAKE their job and do it BETTER, for HALF the pay, and put these knuckleheads on welfare, then they’ll want corporations taxed even more so that “THEY” can make a living because they can’t find work and they’ll be unemployed/welfare socialists..
    Sad that they’re too dumb? to see what the end result will be!!
    And that’s not even bringing crime, food, living, services, etc into the picture..


  7. Do any of these people have real jobs? 6 pm is early. I guess their preferred audience (College students, government employees, and social service providers) can be there at 6 on the dot. Who wants to bet Questions have to be approved before hand?


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