The HUGE failure of the IML

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois governor is pretending suckering citizens into changing Illinois from a flat tax to a progressive tax will solve all the state’s problems.  It won’t come close, it will hasten Illinois’ decline as more people flee the state.  The ones fleeing will be the producers, the ones that hire other people […]

Multiple things that need covered:

By:  Diane Benjamin If you haven’t figured out who did the report in yesterday’s marijuana story: White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in 1996 Colorado is a microcosm showing what happens when some drug laws don’t exist.  Are our kids worth the risk? See the program website here: ________________________________ More proof […]

Legalize Marijuana? Think First!

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night I attended a meeting discussing the effects legalizing marijuana has had on Colorado.  It isn’t a pretty picture. First, before anybody says it’s no different from alcohol:  1 beer doesn’t impair the user.  One joint does.  THC also stays in the blood stream for 2-3 days, alcohol doesn’t. WAY too […]