Multiple things that need covered:

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t figured out who did the report in yesterday’s marijuana story:

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in 1996

Colorado is a microcosm showing what happens when some drug laws don’t exist.  Are our kids worth the risk?

See the program website here:


More proof of how left-wing the YWCA has become:

Renner has been accused of “abusing” members of the City Council at least twice this year.

The video of Renner reading his prepared attack on Judy Stearns now has more than 14,000 views:

Who can forget this abuse:



One of the YWCA’s own, a self-described progressive activist, is running for the City Council in Karen Schmidt’s district.

She’s running because Karen is blocking the “Welcoming Ordinance”.

Research “progressives”.  This is the fundamental transformation we were promised.  Ask her if capitalism has failed.  Then ask what form of government is better.

Don’t mention Venezuela, they just didn’t do socialism right.

Did you know that illegal aliens can have a heart attack, be treated at a local hospital, and immediately qualify for Medicaid in Illinois?

Yes, you are paying for medical care for people who have no right to be here.  We all need to denounce our citizenship so we can get free stuff too.





11 thoughts on “Multiple things that need covered:

  1. The young woman running in ward 6 is a former community organizer for the Saul Alinsky inspired Illinois Peoples Action. This group is the downstate branch of the militant National Peoples Action. They despise capitalism and embrace the force of government to redistribute wealth and justice in the manner that they determine depending on what politically correct nonsense or hate America crap they are pushing at the time.

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  2. Tari works in “high education”. Nice job promoting an abuser YWCA! Still hoping that all Federal Funding is pulled and quickly. There are organizations who could actually serve people with the money you waste politicking.


    1. Something I have noticed for a long time is the “smart people” often write VERY simply – as if it is intended for people who can barely read and who have a limited ability to comprehend what they read. Short simple direct sentences, with NO room for any question . Such as ” ____ works hard. He will do what is right” They also love little slogans like NO MORE! I can almost see them stamping their little foot as they think/say it, or actually, their favorite physical expression of their seriousness, chopping down on the table or desk in front of them with their little hand in an imitation of what they fancy to be a “karate chop”. I better stop, I’m having too much fun thinking about how they are and how they act, and underestimating them is NEVER a good idea.

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  3. Oh Jenn…moving to a certain location so she can run for office. Reminds me of Senator Clinton in New York. We should find out who Jenn’s friends are, I’m willing to bet there is a Weiner in her wings. She works at the YWCA, which is supposedly is against abuse, but supports Tari the narcisstic woman hater’s Agenda. If I have to go door to door in the neighborhood I grew up in and convince people to vote against this woman I will…she is disgusting. So while women and children in McLean County are struggling to pay their utilities after leaving abusive relationships, this young lady runs a Go Fund me page for an emergency move? 🤮

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