The roads can’t get fixed but . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington can’t find money anywhere in their budget to fix the roads.  They will raise your Motor Fuel Tax though!

In the latest example of ridiculous priorities:

The City of Bloomington has completed a comprehensive inventory and assessment of 8,519 trees in parks, trails and public spaces as part of on-going efforts within Bloomington Parks to better manage trees, minimize the effects of future storm damage, and assure the community has a healthy, sustainable urban forest.

The link claims they got a grant and worked with an outside group.  State money is never considered YOUR money, it is free money.  Staff from Bloomington Parks worked with the group.  How many hours did it take to identify 8,519 trees?

You may not be able or willing to wreck your car getting to a park to see the trees, but there is a website for that.  See the link above.

It’s probably safer to see the trees on a website anyway.  Why risk car repairs when you can see them on a computer screen?

I bet Bloomington will be getting another award!

It won’t be for great infrastructure.

Priority based budgeting is working!  Their priorities, not yours.





4 thoughts on “The roads can’t get fixed but . . .

  1. Urban forrest??? Well of course, some freak with no soul penned this term for the UN Agenda 21 crap and your mayor swallowed hook, line, and sinker.


  2. Wow! To inventory all of those trees is pretty cool…To think the city has identified all trees on public property is amazing. I wonder if any of them are invasive (not native)… do you think the “welcoming ordinance” if passed would apply to the alien trees?

    This is great but my fear is that resources ($$$) might have been diverted from city needs. If this was done with volunteer – Boy Scouts, Ecology Center, ISU, etc. – then sweet. If this had a cost greater than $5k…bitter sweet. If this was done with no volunteer help and all tax money/grants…yuk!

    The emerald ash borer has taught us one thing…diversify our tree selection on all property.

    Lastly – anyone find it interesting the city can inventory all living trees across miles of acres…but cant find the POS/inventory for goods sold at the CIAM!


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  3. So when is the inventory on potholes in bloomington? NEVER is my guess because Tari would then learn there are more potholes in bloomington than trees & he would then get the award for POTHOLE CITY!

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