ACLU: This was a test

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is the header for the ACLU of Central Illinois’s Facebook page:

I couldn’t help but wonder if the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights is important to the ACLU. Their page has stories about the students “rights” to protest gun violence but nothing about the citizens rights to defend themselves.

I sent them the document copied on District 87 equipment and handed out to students on March 14th.  I asked if they had a problem with it.  (The document: Emailing Take Action 4 Sensible Gun Reform)

The document BHS handed out is propaganda. It instructs the student on what bills they need to tell legislators to pass.  The kids were told what to think, not how to think.

The ACLU claims to support the Bill of Rights.

This was a test to see if ALL rights are created equal or if the ACLU picks the rights you are allowed to have.

They failed!

The official position of the ACLU is that individuals do not have the right to own guns.

I received this link stating as much:

They don’t agree with the Heller Supreme Court ruling in 2008 clarifying the intent of the 2nd Amendment when it was written.

When the Constitution was ratified, the Framers unanimously believed that the “militia” included all of the people capable of bearing arms.

See this link:

We would not be a free country if the people in the 1700’s didn’t own guns.  The Constitution was written by people who knew what it took to defeat the British, of course they wanted to make sure future generations could defeat their own “British”.

The ACLU needs to take the pic off their Facebook page.

The ACLU decides what rights need to be defended.  The 2nd Amendment isn’t one of them.  How long before Free Speech is no longer necessary?

Question:  Why would the framers write an amendment guaranteeing government can bear arms?








15 thoughts on “ACLU: This was a test

  1. The American Communist Lawyers United (AKA ACLU) has been leftist/socialist since it’s creation – It is no surprise whatsoever to see them hostile towards individual rights of gun ownership. In fact complete disarmament of the “general populace” has always been a goal. Their founder, Roger Baldwin, though he became disillusioned with Soviet style Communism, was a life long socialist who once stated –

    “I am for Socialism, disarmament and ultimately, for the abolishing of the State itself … I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”

    Baldwin embraced socialism his entire adult life – he only disliked the Soviet style because he was able to comprehend that people were suffering under the tyrannical policies of Stalin, but of course like any good little leftist he still believed it was the way for the working/middle classes to rise.
    The ACLU, though now and then they will do something right, is NOT a good thing in the long run for this country, they never have been.


  2. “Future generations could defeat their own own British”? No they didn’t. The 2nd Amendment was written so that each state could form militias. Originally, the United States was not to have a standing army. Those militias were meet regularly in order that they would be prepared for being called up.

    The Amendment was not written so the government the Founders so carefully set up could be overthrown as you imply. It doesn’t say anything about “defending” yourself. It does not say that you can have any gun for any reason just because you want a gun. If you read the Amendment it has nothing to say about God. In the past guns were regulated. Your misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment is why we have as many mass shootings and more gun deaths then in all the wars we have fought.


    1. the usa was set up as a republic , a nation of law and if you read , you’d see exactly they intended no leader or nation shall be able to take away law or rights again and that citizens can take to arms to defend against an oppressive government when law fails to contain it .people arn’t stupid enough to attack any one let alone goverment .. but it is a key right . stopp attacking decent folk and go after criminals and get their weapons .. oh but that’s a right you jerks would defend i bet .

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    2. About the only credit I can offer you left wing lunatics is your continued agenda to spread lies to brainwash the unsuspecting. “Your misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment is why we have as many mass shootings and more gun deaths then in all the wars we have fought.” Mass shooting is more than all war death? Man you are one real uniformed, misdirecting, fool if ever I’ve seen one.


  3. Banned again. Wow. Never went to public schools. That’s how much you know about me. Why do I care? Definitely it’s your lack any soul and your constant self righteous narrative that you can’t be wrong about anything
    .I will more than likely start up my own blog.I wouldn’t ban you.


      1. What interest did you have in hurting me? Someone you obviously didn’t know? It was pure spite and hate nothing else.

        Also in the past guns WERE regulated all the time. In fact sheriffs could and did take guns away from people in the West. Do you really think that we in the 21st century have the corner on mentally disturbed people, that they didn’t exist in either the 18th century or the 19th century?.
        You don’t think families weren’t “broken” up in the past? They were.

        You have no idea about mental health, or the role of psychiatric hospitals in history or currently. If you think that the mentally ill are “loonies”‘, then your ignorance is beyond belief. The fact is that the mentally ill are more that likely to be victims of crimes than to be the perpetrators.

        It is our sick culture of guns that has permeated everything. 20 6-year-old children should not had to be afraid to go to school. Parents shouldn’t had to bury them at that young age.17 high schoolers should not be dead because of gun violence. There is nothing in the 2nd Amendment “of a well regulated militia” that states that there should be more guns than the entire population of this country. There is nothing in the Amendment or ANY Amendment that is absolute. There are limits on free speech. Sorry, you can’t overthrow our government because you don’t like the administration. There are Amendments on sedition and treasonous acts.

        My “leftist ideas” are the ones that will take over. All those high schoolers are going to vote, and they are passionate about gun violence. And yes, gun violence has kiled more people than all our wars put together. Since everyone here thinks libraries are obsolete, perhaps you can call up a Bloomington Public Library Reference Librarian, and she/he can give you numerous sources for me Statistics.


        1. You made the mistake of spouting off here on the job. Taxpayers derserve people who at least pretend to be working. I only posted your comment so my readers can see on print a liger Ian who never read a history book in her life.


  4. Back then, “Kilkenny”. there was no need to even IMPLY that someone could not could not have a gun, it was pretty understood that you could have one if you wanted. I am also not sure what you are squeaking about saying that “in the past, guns were regulated”. In the past, you could order a gun from the Sears and Roebuck catalog and it would be delivered to your house. In the past, there was no gun registration at all, in the past, a higher percentage of households had guns than they do NOW. Not ONCE has it occurred to you that mass shootings and loonies with guns have increased because of mental health issues and loonies being let to run loose because “it would hurt their self esteem to put them in a psychiatric hospital”. Not ONCE has it entered your brain, that maybe just maybe a complete breakdown of families and discipline might have something to do with the hair trigger kids, the little ticking time bombs we have running around now. and not ONCE have you thought of the crazy amount of psychotropic drugs nearly every one of these mass shooters has been on, oh no, you just blame the guns. I have NO idea what leftist barf bag you pull this nonsense from, but whatever it is, it’s WRONG, it not FACTUAL, it’s BS, and yet you anti-gunners slurp it up without even attempting to find actual facts.


  5. dumbazzes , they pick and choose what they feel matters or is important to them and their club . our founding fathers wanted each citizen to be able to defend against criminal acts and hostile government . and none shall pass laws or infrigne upon the ability to do so . but by god they”ll make sure you can snuff out a baby any time you want ..


  6. half of the stuff around us has been labeled , rated , taxed or fee’d , and by some bureaucracy to create a group to do such to it , needing more taxes and similar to tax and regulate to pay for the growth of the newer bureaucracy . a never ending circus of freaks telling us now how to live ,,but we were all fine just prior to their interjections .

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  7. You best be careful with those mental health issues folks as the demon(c)rats will slip a bill through that will say you’re crazy cause you took a low dose Zanax while going through a vicious divorce 20 years ago. And/or you can’t handle your own finances, even though you’ve had an accountant do them for years due to complicated tax laws etc. Careful what you give, cause they’ll inflate it and then you’ll have nothing.


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