Re-elect Tari?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Several media outlets claim Tari Renner is trying to decide whether to run for a third term.

From his 2017 run for office:

boyd fazz

Remember Tari’s campaign chairman in case he tries to slide Justin in to replace him.  Fazzini is running for County Auditor, a good reason not to vote for him.

Tari has a BIG problem if he runs again.  How is he going to explain this one:

a renner

How about this from the first time Tari ran for Mayor?

aa renner

Since Tari got half as much from the Police Union to run the second time, can he count on any money for a third run? 

The budget process that starts soon will pit 2 alderman against the police and against Tari if he doesn’t support their “defund the police”.  Get ready for the theater of the absurd.

The perfect time to launch a fight over a civil society verses chaos is right before a local election.  This is going to be fun.  Social Workers will be needed to tend to the mental health of those who think government works for them.

Somebody forgot to tell government.








7 thoughts on “Re-elect Tari?

  1. Is there a conservative that we can back to run for mayor in Bloomington? Surely there has to be at least one.


  2. WOW?? I thought the fireworks were cancelled?? Let’s see, Jenn and Craybeak vs Tari and his “lying mouth” This is better then watching the Christians and the lions in the coliseum in one of my past lives!!!
    I won’t spoil it and tell ya WHO who in the coliseum though…
    Hope the police keep the peace and THANKS TO THEM!!


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