Koos: Out of touch or out of his mind?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Why would the mayor of any Town post this:

koos tear

He posted it Saturday night, if you want to see all the responses go to his Facebook page.  I will just pick out a few:

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I don’t see where Koos ever answered any of the questions, there are plenty more including a comment from Cheryl Gaines.  She doesn’t know Koos is controlling the first floor of 1 Uptown circle.  He has vetoed businesses wanting to locate there because they aren’t his “right fit”.  

Change of topic – still Koos and company

The group of citizens opposed to Normal’s plans to allow alcohol sales in One Normal Plaza are holding another meeting.  They invited the Normal Town Council to LISTEN.

The Council is using the Open Meetings Act for the reason why no more than 2 can be present.

The Open Meetings Act is to prevent discussions about Town business between elected officials when the public can’t hear those discussions.  OMA doesn’t say they can’t  listen to citizens.

Why is it okay for at least 3 members of the Council to attend other events?  I’ve got pictures of three at the last Chamber of Commerce gala:  https://blnnews.com/2020/02/01/normals-long-nightmare-is-almost-over-but-first-there-is-monday/

Why was that not an OMA violation?

If the Council members want to pretending all of them can’t be present, please treat them as clueless.  Every single one can be there as long as they don’t talk.  Maybe that’s why the Council members are limited to 2 – so those two that do attend can tell the concerned citizens they are wrong.  It wouldn’t be the first time your elected officials didn’t care what you say.

The meeting is on 7/23 at 6:00 in the Community Activities Center in ONP – 1110 Douglas St.  “Staff” put together the proposed zoning changes, if the Council cared about not wasting anymore time they would all attend. Far too much time as been wasted already trying to pass zoning the area citizens oppose.

If you have an opinion, show up!

Just to recap – the short Koos and company disrespect citizens list:

  • disabled veterans
  • people who HAVE to ride the bus
  • churches wanting to erect a sign
  • taxpayers – constant tax increases
  • historical building supporters
  • home owners who petition their government
  • Public Comment Law

And of course the unemployed because

government closed their businesses but not his:




9 thoughts on “Koos: Out of touch or out of his mind?

  1. What happened to the days when people bowed out of politics gracefully? Apparently Koos has become addicted to power and will only relinquish control the way a King does.

  2. “Invented failures” how about those “invented” potholes in uptown streets? They sure FEEL real. And Just in case you DO read this mr koos, there’s 2 LARGE ones on west Raab road out by the National Guard yard that you NEED to fill before someone is lost in them. Maybe that would be a start toward your “invented” issues..
    NOT to mention 1 uptown plaza and the right fit-maybe another bicycle shop that caters to regular people????
    Maybe a bank to loan money to ALL the businesses that you will lose when ISU goes kaput!

  3. Also there was a plan to repair streets in the school to main st. warren to Shelbourne area..this was set forth about 5 years ago…one street two blocks long was repaired three years ago…non since…they are falling apart all the curbs are crumbling…

  4. Trail East presses forward.
    The Underpass advances.
    Trail West is full steam ahead.
    The Sports Complex is staged for taxpayer money.
    College Ave road repair requires federal assistance to afford.
    Existing bars and restaurants continue to pay for incentives given to their competitors.
    Free rent deals given friends of Koos.

    Koos has plenty of self-invented failures. It is one thing to take a risk and loose. It is entirely something different not to learn from past mistakes.

    He is blames others for his inability to accept accountability.

  5. The end of an era is before us. Koos will be remembered by how he handles his last days as Mayor. If he keeps this up he will not be remembered well.

  6. The burden is on you Mayor Koos to prove that your taxpayer-funded incentives, rebates, and other deals are successful. Not the other way around. You claim these are “invented failures,” well then prove us wrong and explain why they are successes. You sir have the burden of proof! How much did of an ROI did the Hollywood set that is Uptown bring in for taxpayers? How about the $1 million incentive to hotdog chain that months later open another location 30 minutes away with no government incentives? How many more years do we have to wait before you’ll fin the right fit for 1 Uptown Circle? These are all failures of your invention!

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