Seriously Mboka?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington Committee of the Whole tonight:

mboka junetteth

It looks like Mboka Mwilambwe doesn’t know the city is spending money taxpayers had to work for so the City can steal way too much of it.  He wants to give employees another paid vacation day!

I looked at 2 of the latest union contracts – both give employees 11 1/2 days of holiday pay (90 hours).  How many do you get?  Since the union contracts are set, would only non-union employees get to celebrate a Texas holiday most people never heard of until this year?

Here’s an idea:  Nobody (but us regular folk) believes in judging people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin anymore, how about replacing MLK Day with Juneteenth?

The last thing public employees with pensions, cheap health insurance, stellar pay rates, and too many holidays already deserve is another day off.  The State of Illinois declared Election Day a holiday – what is the City doing with that one?

The Council is being asked to decide whether to discuss further.  We will see who respects taxpayers and who is pandering.

Isaac Thorne from Connect Transit will present the findings of the Connect to the Future Working Group.  He will say they need more money.

The Public Safety and Community Relations Board will present their Annual Report.  Did they have any cases?  Are Art and Camille Taylor going to take their case to them?

Here’s the Big One:

water master plan

Of course the report has no Financial Impact, what’s in it sure does.







2 thoughts on “Seriously Mboka?

  1. No No No . Not another government paid holiday. Never even heard of Juneteenth till this year.

  2. Out of all the things that could have been worked on in the last few weeks, and he decided proposing a new holiday was the best way to spend his time? This is politics in a nutshell. New holidays are more important than unemployment, community wide financial concerns, the highest racial tension in decades, and a pandemic.

    I am not at all shocked to see such a myopic world view. It’s actually pathetic to me.

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