Lunch with people who sue: Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin When the last Downtown Bloomington TIF ended, I hear David Bentley wasn’t happy with the money he got to rehab the CII East Building.  He sued the City in 2014. See the 2014 TIF report here: Since the TIF was pretty much over, expenses for legal fees were all that is […]

Just to clarify . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin The integrity of elections matter.  The reason for filing petitions to run for public office is to show support from voters.  If any part of the petitions are falsified, signed by citizens not registered to vote, or not properly notarized the election becomes a joke. The Bloomington Election Commission is required to […]

Tari: Is truth too difficult?

By:  Diane Benjamin This item was pulled from the agenda by Tari Renner before Public Comment.  He said he would explain later. Watch the video below – just hit PLAY. The packet for the meeting has this explanation of the change: That’s important because the Boards and Commissions post agendas and minutes and are required […]

Is Lisa Madigan incompetent?

Update: I sent a copy of this post to the guy who was suppose to issue a final ruling before the election.  He finally issued it: 23271 rfr o vio mun The only remaining question is:  What will the City now release?  I hear they don’t want to release anything.  Personnel issues, union contract negotiations,  maybe land purchases or […]