Is Lisa Madigan incompetent?


I sent a copy of this post to the guy who was suppose to issue a final ruling before the election.  He finally issued it:

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The only remaining question is:  What will the City now release?  I hear they don’t want to release anything.  Personnel issues, union contract negotiations,  maybe land purchases or sales should be confidential.  Nothing else they discuss should be.  They are talking about issues that will be voted on in open council meetings.  The citizens have a right to know!

Now, what about the other 2 violations Lisa?


by Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington is currently being investigated on 3 Open Meetings Act Violations.

1)  Mayor Stockton, David Hales, Jim Fruin, Mboka Mwilambwe, Steve Purcell, and Rob Fazzini took a road trip to a Peoria City Council meeting, including a private meeting with the Peoria Mayor, City Manager, and 2 council members.  The State’s Attorney’s letter is dated July 2012.  This case was heavily investigated, but since nothing has been determined by Madigan’s people.

2)  This Open Meetings act violation is for city business being conducted by email instead of in the open for the public to see.  This practice still exists.  The AG’s letter is from November 2012.

3)  The City failed to issue minutes from closed door sessions since 2007.  Law requires the council to approve release at least twice a year.  Click here to see the City’s admission of guilt:  PAC OMA Review Benjamin – Mar. 28, 2013 (letter)

All council members, including the Mayor and City Manager, are required to have training in Open Meetings Act law.  Lisa Madigan’s website states it is her job to insure open and transparent government:

The City of Bloomington hasn’t cared about the law and Madigan’s Office evidently doesn’t care about enforcing it.  All 3 violations are fully substantiated and easy to rule on.  It’s very sad that nobody in government is accountable to the citizens, especially the people who claim to protect them.  Did some local politician cut a deal with Madigan?  Considering this is Illinois, does anybody doubt corruption is involved?

Hopefully the new mayor will  take the law seriously, but many of the offenders are still seated.  It’s much easier to “progress” when the pesky public is in the dark.  We will see if the citizens have a right to transparency, or if the past continues.

6 thoughts on “Is Lisa Madigan incompetent?

  1. Once Renner gets seated as mayor he should get this done as much of his campaign rhetoric promised transparency. It would be a great project for him. Put off the hotel for now Mr. Renner and bring in the transparency, thank you.
    Lol,,,I am such a dreamer.

  2. The problem is not so much with our elected officials. It is the taxpayer funded city staff that is unaccountable. The buck should stop with city manager David Hales. Hales is the real problem. I hope Mayor Renner puts Hales in his place or terminates him. The tail needs to stop wagging the dog.

    1. We wasn’t involved in the FOIA request or following up on the case. I still have two Public Access complaints I can’t get Madigan’s office to rule on. Too much scandal, too little time.

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