UPDATE: If CT working group meets Saturday. . .

The agenda is now posted for 9:00 Saturday. Anyone surprised laws are immaterial?

It will be illegal. No agenda posted 48 hours in advance.

Screen shot this morning.


11 thoughts on “UPDATE: If CT working group meets Saturday. . .

  1. The name is really Connect Transit Worthless Group. The decisions are already made and everyone knows it. The Worthless Group is just there to give the appearance of citizen involvement. They will soon get a pat on the head, ignored and sent on their way.

  2. I doubt anyone will hold CT accountable if they have an illegal meeting. It is really pathetic CT ignores the public and will also likely ignore the law. Though it is understandable since the ones leading this debacle were hand picked by Koos. I am sure Koos and Reece taught them citizen input and the law does not matter nor apply to government elites.

  3. I looked around 4pm and saw it posted but that was not not within the 48 hour window required by law. They will hold their meeting anyway because we are immaterial to their higher purpose. We can’t understand how their running empty buses around the twin cities is beneficial to the taxpayer but that is immaterial. If they build the perfect transportation infrastructure with a multimillion dollar transportation hub in downtown Bloomington a mere 3 miles from a transportation hub in uptown Normal there will be a groundswell of people flocking to public transportation. If you believe that I have a dozen electric buses to sell you.

  4. Does anyone really believe that the fix isn’t already in? The Working Group was a well-orchestrated distraction campaign designed to take the heat off of Connect Transit, Koos, and Renner for maligning the most vulnerable members of our community that rely on Connect Transit. I’m sure their “solutions” to the valid issues raised by the ridership will be a transfer station and electric buses. An efficient, streamlined service that focuses on the neediest riders was never considered. This is about protecting a crony government program.

    1. Partly right – “This is about protecting a crony government program.”
      Partly sorta right – “I’m sure their “solutions” to the valid issues raised by the ridership will be a transfer station and electric buses.” Those are done deals in their mind, and by my understanding the electric buses are a done deal in reality.
      The main “solution” they will push is to make the transit authority its own taxing body. That way they can become yet another ‘under the radar’/’too small to worry about’ taxing authority with easier access to ever more taxpayer money. This also lets them avoid the public scrutiny/input/outcry they currently get by way of the two town/city councils.

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