How to get crowds downtown

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night the Planning Commission approved onsite use of cannabis.  That makes cannabis just like a bar!

Where are the bars?


Users will flock downtown to smoke weed inside even though cigarettes have been banned for years.  Maybe some snack shops will open to satisfy the munchies of the participants.

Jenn Carrillo pushed this idea because renters may not be able to smoke in their apartments.  Cigarettes have been illegal inside for years Jenn, why is weed different?  Both will be legal substances.  How many other legal substances need special considerations.  Mercedes is a legal vehicle, shouldn’t everybody who can’t afford one get reparations?

The local minority community thinks all the tax revenue should go to them as reparations.  Downtown will be a pot destination, those luxury condos in the old State  Farm building will turn into subsidized housing for the pot people.

At least the rest of the City won’t have to worry about “high” drivers.

Want to know why there are no successful inner cities run by Democrats?

Pot tourism pretty much sums up their mentality.

Guess who appointed every member of the Planning Commission – his own “right fit”?


See this WJBC article –

Justin Boyd is the same guy and Renner buddy who the Pantagraph allows to write far left editorials.

boyd potVisualize the ads Bloomington can place in Route 66 promotions and on billboards:

pot leaf

Imagine the sweet aroma wafting through the City Core!

19 thoughts on “How to get crowds downtown

  1. Maybe we can attract a remake of the Cheech & Chong movie “Up in Smoke’? Think of the money that would bring into town? Imagine the tourists who will come here after the movie to see where it was filmed? This is why we elect people like Mayor Little Man. He has the vision to move our town forward!

    1. Now hold on a minute: Someone’s brother told someone’s brother-in-law that his cousin’s lawyer heard at the barber shop that evil President Trump said something bad about Joe Biden in a phone call to a foreign leader in a country that is close to Putin (Trump’s boss)… so we need to get to the bottom of this before the election!

  2. When the mention of medical marijuana to become legal in ILL-annoy first came into the conversation, politicians were talking about to get that medical card one would have to give up their 2nd Amendment rights. Anybody think that won’t become a part of the conversation again is a fool. And anybody buying that stuff legal is going to be kept on a list for when those same politicians decide to bring the loss of your 2nd Amendment rights back into the conversation.

      1. ID ? yes. Will you be emailed a receipt ? Is that for here or to go ?
        Drive up windows ? Some Cigarette Shops have more pipes than Mother Murphy’s had. “Take home a sack” will have a newer meaning.

  3. Disgusting. Bloomington has really gone down hill over the years. Now it has truly bottomed out. “Skunk” smell downtown will really make it even less appealing.🤦‍♀️

  4. Round Up ready? When Monsanto gets into the marijuana business, and they will. The legalized pot will start being poisoned with synthetic chemicals as is most everything else they are involved in that consumers ingest. Culling the herd.

  5. The Route 66 weed ad you made is amazing! You know how they said Obama was a great salesman for buying guns? I think you’d be a great saleswoman for marijuana Diane. Glad Bloomington made this decision and will force other Illinois cities to look at this for competition.

    1. Quotes from stoners I have known: “I’m not addicted, I can quit anytime I want. I just don’t want to.” “It’s not great quality pot but it’s adequate.” “My screen. I lost my screen.” “Marijuana is not a gateway drug. I just enjoy doing other drugs from time to time.” “Oh God, Oh God, I left the pizza in the oven and it’s burning, get out of my way.” “No, no. You can trust buying from him. He’s not a NARC or anything.” I’m a little short this week. If you buy it (a bag) I can pay you back.” “I don’t care if your clothes smell. If I want to smoke, I’ll smoke.” “Me smoking pot doesn’t affect anybody.”

  6. Downtown Bloomington is going to turn into Stoners, Perverts, and Lawyers, with just enough “social justice” law enforcement to try and keep the lid on everything.

    Remember when Bloomington-Normal was a nice community? I do. Sad.

  7. I’m personally not taking sides in this issue, but I asked a few insurance professionals who cover marijuana businesses. They said they’ve never covered entities that allow on-site usage. A dispensary allowing that would double their rates which is why most don’t even bother. Essentially, on-site dispensaries may be hard to grow (pun intended) as businesses.

  8. Money for social justice and reparations. These people are dumb.

    How much must be sold to even out a dent in “reparations” at a 3% tax?
    I can’t smoke weed in my apartment?

    But, the system is rigged.

    The majority is silent because they are afraid to be on the elite’s list of undesirables, and they don’t vote. Bloominton gets what it deserves.

  9. This will probably be really popular for some of the people who go downtown to the bars. However, it will also drive away some people who just don’t want to be around the smoke/smell. It will also prevent other new people from going there. Ultimately, they’ll come back in a few years and say they need to spend more money because other areas of town (not their own decisions) are driving people away from Downtown.

  10. I will not frequent any geographic location and businesses in that location (shop, personal care, bar, restaurant, lawyer, etc.) if I have to walk through the smell of dope. Don’t want it on my clothes or in my nose since it causes me respiratory issues. Guess the pot folk can make up for any money I would have spent downtown if this goes through. I’ll just use Amazon, Etsy, and BRC to get what I need and not have to pay city sales tax since I won’t be Downtown.

    How many sales do the need to lose to offset the tiny gain of a 3% tax on pot?

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