By:  Diane Benjamin

Obviously the mission of the BCPA is not to make money or even attempt to break even!

No event reports have been posted since the last time I FOIA’d them.  The Carole King show was close to a month ago – still no report.

It gets better!

This show is FREE, I’m sure there are absolutely no costs associated with putting it on.

BCPA free

The BCPA and Creativity Center need to be sold or given away to stop the drain on tax dollars.  Hand over the mortgage with it.


6 thoughts on “BCPA FREE show

  1. It’s a PIRATE Show. Anyone see the irony there? The fools running Bloomington don’t have, or don’t want to have, common sense or economic sense. No respect whatsoever for the taxpayers or their money.

  2. If we sold it, how would we attract the young people looking for a place to live and work in a town that has a no cultural center? Just imagine having our cultural center off this check list:

    1. Big bus mass transit system
    2. Sanctuary city
    3. LBGT, multiple gender friendly
    4. Leftist socialist government and policies
    5. Bike friendly transportation system
    6. Black Lives Matter supportive
    7. Social Justice Warrior supportive
    8. Democratic Party political control
    9. Expensive coffee shops
    10. Craft beer taverns

    I rest my case for keeping the BCPA.

    1. The western democracy today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable. It provides this world plague with the culture in which its gerns can spread. In it’s most extreme form, parliamentarianism created a ‘monstrosity of excrement and fire,’ in which, however, sad to say, the ‘fire’ seems to me at the moment to be burned out. – Mein Kampf

      Great words from a great man. Bloomington-Normal needs to stop this pirate show communism on its people.

  3. why waste you time going to the BCPA. You want a free show, show up at both council chambers on meeting night! The pirates are there every week!

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