Tari: Is truth too difficult?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This item was pulled from the agenda by Tari Renner before Public Comment.  He said he would explain later.

li1Watch the video below – just hit PLAY.

The packet for the meeting has this explanation of the change: re1

That’s important because the Boards and Commissions post agendas and minutes and are required to comply with the Open Meetings Act.

The change Tari wanted last night was to circumvent the Open Meetings Act and somehow get out of all the violations currently pending against him with the Attorney General.  He mentioned State law makes him the Liquor commissioner.  It does, but this is the only time he has wanted to use State Law to supersede Home Rule.  Can we use the same logic Tari?

The City website has history of Liquor Commission meetings going back to 2009:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=2113

Tari’s rant claims the changes he requests won’t give him any more power and it’s absurd to say he can’t talk to other commission members.

He is wrong on both counts!

Below are just a few of the changes he wanted to the local liquor ordinance:


Page 242 – New licenses would be approved ONLY by Tari, formerly citizens on the commission also voted.  The Council would still vote, but it could be buried on the Consent Agenda where no discussion takes place.


Page 255:

ren3As Commissioner, all power would rest with Tari!

He alone could fine or suspend liquor licenses – no committee vote.  The City Council  only votes on new liquor licenses, they have no input on fines or suspensions.

Sounds like more power to me Tari!

I know MANY local business people who oppose Renner but will not speak publicly against him, especially liquor license holders.  Giving full power to Tari will further silence them because their livelihood depends on keeping their license.  With Tari’s record of attacking anybody who disagrees with him, think he wouldn’t look REALLY hard for violations?

The Liquor Commission has operated under the rules of the Open Meetings Act for many years.  Tari could have appointed more than two other members which would have meant he could talk to them individually.  Why do you think the Tari and Hales lunch with some Council members?  These lunches are held with one or two aldermen at a time so the OMA isn’t violated but talking points can still be relayed.  Tari could have avoided his current problems by making a quorum on the committee more than TWO.  The requested changes wouldn’t be needed if Renner wasn’t guilty.  Sorry Tari.

Two big lies in just a couple of minutes.

I know apologies are difficult, but Tari needs to come clean with citizens.  He better delay his announcement for a while about running for re-election.  Giving Renner total control provides a path to corruption and bribery.  The Council agrees to do this?  Seriously?

Jim Jordan is supposed to reassigned to the Police Commission?  He is part of the Attorney General investigation.  Does this mean laws don’t matter?

Yes, Tari would have more power.  He needs to circle back, examine the issue from 500 feet.  We can clearly see what’s happening.


4 thoughts on “Tari: Is truth too difficult?

  1. “Giving full power to Tari will further silence them because their livelihood depends on keeping their license. With Tari’s record of attacking anybody who disagrees with him, think he wouldn’t look REALLY hard for violations?” The exact reason for my post yesterday. I am SOOOOO glad I moved out of Bloomington.

  2. Sounds to me like Tari did not have the votes to pass it.

    One thing that I was wondering. Do the county restaurant health inspectors have the power to shut down a restaurant? If so, how is one person having the power to suspend a liquor license different? The county inspectors are not even elected. Just to be clear, I am asking a serious question. I really want to know what the differences are.

    1. The inspectors file the violation with the Health Department. The Health Department could shut down a restaurant if the violation is not corrected. Not sure anyone at the Health Department is elected.

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