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Land of Lincoln Credit Union learns nothing, continues with the same failed policy


Land of Lincoln Credit Union at 115 Susan Drive in Normal, IL is proud of their “NO GUNS” signage.

For many months, they have stuck with their sign advertising themselves as not welcoming to card-carrying good guys and law-abiding gun owners, despite nearly every other bank and credit union in McLean County that originally posted themselves “NO GUNS” taking their signs down.

Why did those other financial institutions take down their signs?  Because they discovered how they only irritated and alienated productive citizens – and in many cases drove business away to more welcoming banks.  They also learned that those card-carrying good guys that have gone to the trouble and expense to get licensed are some of the most responsible and productive members of the community.  Those competing banks also have learned that those signs attract criminals.

Land of Lincoln’s slogan is “Bank on Learning More”.

They STILL haven’t learned  – after almost two weeks – from the armed robbery where a man armed with a pistol threatened to kill bank staff if they didn’t give him money.

Why do you think Scott E. Books, the alleged armed robber, chose that credit union instead of any number of other banks and credit unions nearby?  Could it have been because he knew that Land of Lincoln’s sign on the front door assured him there would be no good guys with guns around to potentially thwart his crime?

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  1. It’s PROPER english, given the situation! They’re LEARNING, they haven’t LEARNED. If they HAD, the sign would read “Bank on Learned more” Just a thought.
    I can GUARANTEE that the BRINKS folks don’t check their weapons at the door, when they bring money in!

    1. God bless America where everyone has the right to say stupid things without fact checking a single statement. I don’t know if the admin of this site will have to integrity to post my comment and leave it up but we’ll see. To start off I am a proud multi-gun owner. I have used and owned firearms since I was very young. I believe in the 2nd Amendment (and the ENTIRE Constitution) and for the right for law abiding citizens to conceal/open carry. Should Land of Lincoln Credit Union allow conceal carry? Absolutely. That being said, having worked in the service side of the financial industry for 10 years now I can tell there is more that comes into play than whether or not a financial institution wants to allow CC or not. There are personnel to manage, insurance and bond issues as well as many other factors to be taken into account. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible, law abiding folks, but I know of a few gun owners that I WILL NOT go to the range with because they are careless and shouldn’t own a gun. It’s not very difficult to qualify for CC and there a few CC holders I know I would just assume they didn’t own a firearm. If you were a business owner how do you vet one from the other? If everyone knows one or two people that they aren’t comfortable with owning/carrying firearm how do businesses determine the odds of an incident occurring? Again, I think this credit union should allow CC as well as ALL financial service institutions but their insurance and bond agencies look at risk. This with other external factors are what cause so many banks/CUs from not allowing CC even though it could be a possible deterrent for would be robbers. Plus lets really face the facts here. Banks have been robbed since their inception and locks keep honest people honest. Allowing CC probably isn’t going to deter that many robbers who are either desperate or just don’t care about the risk. It’s not going to drop the robbery rate by a huge amount because too many think they are entitled to something for nothing. Secondly, I bet there are more “law abiding citizens” CC in these places that don’t allow CC than we realize. They believe being able to be ready to preserve innocent life when/if the time comes will outweigh the possibility of prosecution should they need to use a gun. As for me more than anything I believe allowing CC in an institution of any type displays support for the U.S. Constitution and it’s citizens rights. As for GSL I think they should not be quite so reckless and arrogant when posting pieces like this on their site. As a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment I think this article hurts the public perception of gun owners as well as the overall cause. IMHO

  2. The “no guns allowed” isn’t really the open invitation. The “money inside that isn’t mine and I want it” was the invitation. Desperate and stupid go hand in hand. If someone wants something bad enough risk is irrelevant guns allowed or not. I have been a big GSL supporter for a while now but I wish they would have discussions with places that for whatever reason aren’t comfortable with CC on their premise. To just come out with a single-sided and insulting article doesn’t do the cause any good and IMHO it wasn’t a fair and balanced write-up. If you’re trying to build a bridge does it make sense to make a huge chasm first? Again, I wish all banks/CUs would allow CC. Including the one I work for. I continue to have discussions about it with our management. All to close the gap not make it wider. (Thank you for posting my reply. I respect you for not taking the low road like many other blogs do.)

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