The price of “Let’s all agree”

By:  Diane Benjamin

The following information was received by a reader under the Freedom of Information Act.

Remember Lynn Montei?  She’s the facilitator who leads retreats.  The goal is getting the Council to all agree with David Hales.  Montei led last November’s retreat and the one this summer.  (maybe others)  I thought Alderman Hauman was going to lead this November’s, but Monday night Renner made a reference to Montei assisting.

Here’s her campaign contribution list from  (Is donating to Dems a prerequisite for consulting?)

LYNN MONTEI ASSOCIATES 11/14/07 $250 Obama, Barack (D)
LYNN MONTEI ASSOCIATES 10/13/08 $500 Obama, Barack (D)
OAK PARK, IL 60302
MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT 9/27/11 $1,000 Lawson, Stacey (D)

How much does the City pay her?

$175.00 per hour!

Total this year:  $25916.37

Montei1More invoices and emails Here and Here.

Don’t miss the email stating Hales can spend up to $50,000 without going to Council.

That change was made over a year ago by the majority of the Council, approving payments takes too much time.



2 thoughts on “The price of “Let’s all agree”

  1. This is a total waste of taxpayer money. An ape could lead those “retreats”. Since Hauman offered to do them for free, maybe Joni could help flip the charts and serve coffee since she never says anything anyway. I GUESS WHEN YOU’RE KING, YOU CAN GIVE YOUR SCAMMIN’ FRIENDS, NICE LITTLE GIGS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE.


  2. This IS a joke! (@ $175 /hour-not really) to “advise” these people on THEIR jobs? What kinda talent do we have running this city anyway? What next? Dining consultants to tell them WHERE to eat lunch? How about the little brown bag!


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