Proof money can’t buy local elections

By:  Diane Benjamin

JB might have bought the governorship, but it didn’t work in the McLean County Clerk’s race.

The final contribution numbers to candidates are not yet available.  I can tell you what contributions are listed to date on the Board of Elections website.

Nikita Richards received $20,720     Nikita Richards

Here’s a few contributions you need to see:

Yes, Chicago was trying to buy this election.

How much did Kathy Michael received?    Kathy Michael

The total at the top of the page shows total contributions of $21,854.70, but listed are contributions for THREE elections,  Taking out the prior election contributions, I believe she received contributions for this election of $6,350.  Some of that money Michael loaned to her campaign.

Some of her largest contributions:

Voters in McLean County keep Chicago from controlling local elections the next 4 years!







3 thoughts on “Proof money can’t buy local elections

  1. Wow! It’s clear that Chicago has had its eye on BN for some time now with more than a few hands in the pie. The date on the bigger check from JB suggests that it was “play money” since his victory was not in doubt on the eve of the election. That said, local Republicans better pick it up. It felt like they took this election for granted. The margin is only going to get closer.


  2. Every single reader of this blog needs to show up and vote. It’s that simple. When we do, we defeat candidates like Nikitia Richards soundly. I’m not a big fan of Rodney Davis, but I did vote for him on Tuesday because I couldn’t stomach the thought of Betsy Dirksen Londrigan caucusing with Nancy and her gang in D.C thinking she represents me in any way. I truly believe my vote made a difference on Tuesday in both races.

    Diane, if all of your readers in Bloomington would vote, Bloomington wouldn’t be run by Tari Renner. The left is not going away anytime soon. This will be a battle hence forth in every election. We’ve got to marshal our army, because the left is energized and better organized at getting their voters to the polls than we are.


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