Dear Readers

I am feeling better than two weeks ago, still not back at full strength – but getting there.

I’ve been struggling with something for quite awhile.  As this site becomes more and more popular, the attacks are becoming more frequent.  I’m an expert at seeing who wants information and who doesn’t care about facts.  Arguing with people who don’t want to use facts or only know left wing talking points is a waste of time.  I’m sure you know I only have patience for a few absurd comments before I delete any further ones.

Some of these clowns can’t accept just being banned from commenting, they are so possessed by their ideology they have taken to emailing me their leftist propaganda.  Of course, it is accompanied by all the usual name calling.

This is the latest, I will refrain from including the name:

Two women did NOT admit they lied about Kavanaugh. You are wrong, Christine Ford did not lie and still stands up strong against Kavanaugh. History will not be kind to Kavanaugh, in the end the truth about his character will come out.  People with blogs who can’t admit they are wrong and who are such snowflakes that they can’t take opposing views shouldn’t be writing blogs. They, like you should be on the street corner babbling their delusions and hallucinations. Your blog is a mess of misspelled words, bad grammar and misinformation that would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Anyone with half a brain either laughs at you or rolls their eyes and moves on to more sane opinions. Just because you write something it doesn’t make it true and just because you’re on the internet doesn’t make you right.
Yes, Diane you’re a racist. You can sit around denying it but anyone reading you blog can see that’s true. You blog is a racist dream where like minded racist come to unload their unhappiness with the real world. There is nothing like stupid group think, that’s your blog. You wouldn’t know the truth if you bit you in the arse.
Yes, two women have admitted they lied, but the writer has no clue what truth is.  The writer doesn’t care about truth.  I sent a link, no response.  Racist is a meaningless term now, it got worn out years ago.  Obviously “content of character” has been written out of history.
I don’t expect everybody to agree with me.  I provide information allowing people to think for themselves.  The leftists hate that, thinking for yourself leads to seeing they are wrong.  That can’t be tolerated.
I do know some of you want to see comments so you can refute their position.  The question is how much time do I waste on people who are only here to argue?  I refuse to give them much.  I also hate approving their comments without refuting them.  How much time do you want to waste on them?
How many of you really want to see stuff like the above?  The writer above is a lost cause.  I don’t mind having intelligent conversations.  If intelligence doesn’t exist that’s impossible.
I need your thoughts!
Aaron, I will continue to pray for you.  Hatred will kill you.  I will just file your future comments.


41 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. I see no good reason to waste your time and energy on folks like this one. Obvious like so many democrats the are not open to the truth….hope you continue your columns…. ________________________________

  2. California IS a Democratic state, so let them LIVE in a similar situation! THREE strikes and you’re OUT! Seems simple, that’s a good starting point. I like this blog for the “correct news” since I quit the local weekly reader, and I like the intelligent exchange of information, and occasional rib, but YOU gotta remember Diane. These folks have been AND will be for a long time!

    “You know! My dog has the SAME problem with fleas, there ALWAYS seems to be a few he just can’t reach! ”
    Abraham Lincoln

  3. I don’t need to see their comments, things like that are every where. I count on YOU to provide unbiased information. Thank you for your efforts, and wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

  4. On this page I see you as a news provider. More so than the Daily Paragraph. They have letters to the editor that I no longer read when I do read the paper because they bring nothing to the party. Your decision whether to have comments here is yours and yours alone. I personally am perfectly happy if you don’t. People like the idiot above haven’t done what you have done to build your site and readership and thus, have no right to use your platform for crap like that. I hope, is a slightly more fun way and a much shorter way you’ll like something someone sent me last week…”You are not the Jackass Whisperer”
    Thanks for all you do.
    Maybe do comments on Facebook only to the extent it entertains you (which may be none at all).

  5. Stay strong, Diane. I have referred many people to your blog; I forward many of your articles to others. The weekend cartoons are a big hit. The lefty losers who attack you are lost souls. I don’t care if you delete all of them. The other readers may have a strong opinion and they can be my spokesman. As in all things, many articles don’t impact me because I don’t live in McLean county. I live in depressing blue Illinois and I pray for those of us who hate to see the direction of this state. We are California without the good weather.

  6. Civil discourse without name calling or personal attacks should be the standard for all.
    Freedom of speech is a sacred right which comes with a responsibility that has consequences.
    As the author and editor of this blog, it is your choice to set and enforce guidelines. Those who disagree or wish to challenge the content should politely make their argument or stop reading the blog. That is their choice.
    From my experience on this site, those who actually read the articles and attached links are well enough informed to respond to any differing viewpoints.

  7. Don’t bother with the hate. They are the children and we are the adults.
    Diane, you’ve worked hard to make this blog a great independent source for local info. They’ll give up eventually when they see they can’t ruffle your feathers.

  8. I will continue to spread your blog with all of my friends! You do a fantastic job and I am so very glad to have a concerned individual like you keeping our leaders accountable. I may not agree with you 100% of the time, but that is the beauty of free thought! Keep up your service to the local community! You are a friend indeed!

  9. I agree with all the comments above, Let posters like your example find a home on Facebook. I’m sure they will find a sympathetic audience there.

  10. I agree with everyone above. If someone wants to have a conversation without all the name calling that’s great. Otherwise if I want to argue I can always comment on any of the local sites. More than enough commies linger there. TY Diane for all your hard work. Don’t let these useful idiots get you down. Get better soon.

  11. It’s your call, but I enjoy reading the rants up to a point. There is no need for you to waste your time responding, but if readers choose to do so then so be it.

    Long rambling posts like the one you reference can easily be skipped over by readers if they desire.

    Love what you do and glad to hear you are feeling better.

  12. Aaron hasn’t bathed in a month, doesn’t own a hairbrush, and relies on herbals to function day-to-day. We used to put these people in asylums. Now, they walk among us. They have access to tools like Twitter that make them feel like they’re the norm. We truly are two different societies, and always have been. It’s just that this generation of crazies feels empowered…because they see their fellow crazies in public and online and think “hey…we’re normal.” I’m tempted to truly hate these people. But I just can’t. It’s not in my nature. And I see the hatred they spew, and I just cannot find it in myself to be that way.

  13. Hmmm, not sure where to be on this. You own it and are the force behind a, I think, good blog. It is not all window dressing and then never getting to the point. As some on here may have figured out, I do play the Devils Advocate once in a while. That is something that stirs people and hopefully they see a few points from a different angle, too. If you stop the comments, will I keep reading your blog? Most likely, but only once a day. Hint,from a old man, think positive and do not dwell on the negative.

    1. Devils advocate? You are funny… Gas-lighter in chief is a better description of what you do. “Hint,from a old man, think positive and do not dwell on the negative” Right? That is your way of saying don’t question… sit down and shut up… right?… more crap from the crap merchant who supports the establishment and the elites who run it….

      1. Oh I could say a smart a– comment back, but instead point out that you your self should take a few seconds to walk in someone else’s shoes, so as to try see if they do have some or any good points. Oh and just because you don’t seem to figured it out yet, I always question.

  14. Life is too short to entertain idiocy when one can simply walk away from it. Let the trolls just gather at Tari’s house for hot toddies and group therapy.

  15. I would delete them to cyberspace. Or….maybe it could be a new funny pages. Serving Him comes to mind.
    It is your blog and you are not obligated by law or otherwise to present the rants from these mental midgets. If they want to write things in their own little circle of individuals gratifying each other (double meaning intended) they can start their own blog. Have no intention of reading their blog much as I ignore some media outlets.

  16. Diane – Might I suggest a sperate weekly posting of all the over-the-top, off-topic, banned content/commenters for that week. Your readers could opt to read or not read at their discretion; click or don’t click. It’s certainly entertaining to me. Perhaps, you could call the weekly posting “Inside the Bizzare Mind of a Liberal”.

  17. “Don’t feed the trolls.” There are PLENTY of other echo chambers out there for the haters. What is fabulous about your blog is that it is the truth, which is refreshing as there is no one else locally who reports the truth. I hope you’re soon well and a great big thank you for all you do.

  18. Diane, I think you should treat their comments like the letters to the editor in the Pantagraph and include their real names. They may not be so brave or stupid then. I’ll be glad to use my real name. Those letters to the editors don’t have their facts straight either & they’re a joke. I say print their real names. I want to know the idiots I’m dealing with.

  19. First and foremost, glad you are doing better and I wish you the best for continued recovery progress. Now for me thoughts on this subject! LOL! They are accusing you of bad grammar and miss spelled words and they are guilty of the very same thing. I admire you for putting up with this kind of crap cause that is just what it is…crap! I like to debate stupid and those who also accuse me of being racist because it usually turns out that they are clueless and ill prepared for the debate . However, I don’t always have time to debate stupid and I would prefer that stupid not be allowed to post without being responded to. So as with others above it’s your site and I personally am very greatful for what you do and I think a few good ideas posted above are 3 strikes and your out with auto delete setup in email as well for those folks &/or one weekly post of stupid. Let’s all make Diane stronger and donate like hell to her so she can keep going and tick off the trolls even more! I will contact you soon to make my donation!

  20. Please keep doing what you do. It’s news we don’t see elsewhere. It’s your blog and your the boss. You or anyone else will not change any of their minds. They must be defeated in the ballot box. If I were you the trash folder would fill quickly. There are some comments you let through though that make me think and are constructive.

  21. So happy you are recovering and continue to keep getting better. You just keep doing what you do as we know we can at least get trusted information from you. Just disregard all those negative bothersome trolls as it just isn’t worth your time when they don’t even know what THEY are talking about. Stupid is as stupid does. My best to you!

  22. Diane I am sorry you are dealing with the likes of whoever sent the e-mail. You are stronger than most. I know that those words hurt. I know that when a person, like you, is trying get the truth out there are those who will go to great lengths to silence you. Not only will they go to great lengths to silence you, they will do it in the name of “compassion” and “progress”. These individuals can’t see the truth.

    Remember this, the crowd who was yelling for Burabas to be freed couldn’t see the truth either. Keep your faith! You know the truth. You know who you are and don’t ever doubt that. These lost souls cannot figure out who they are so they just join a screaming crowd.

  23. We should not waste much time on most of these people. Everyone has seen me attack the worst ones in a way that would send me running away. And yes quite frankly I do enjoy putting them through my personal veg-o-matic and slicing their comments into tiny pieces. But most of the time, they add very little to discussions. The Gas-lighters are the worst – they are just deliberately trying to redirect the conversation or question the foundation of the commentors mental states. I usually tell them upfront (you have seen this) that there is no gas-lighting allowed here. If someone can present a good argument against or for something… OK then we can have a discussion. But most of the time these propagandized left liberal folks are just not playing with at full deck. I was a early Twitter adopter (2009) – I started doing battle on-line 9 years ago. So for me, it is like a walk in the park to shred the idiots from this town who think they are smart. I would most likely delete more than you do Diane. It is your publication. Do what you want. Your followers that love and appreciate what you do will support you.

      1. More gas-lighting from you? Is that all you got? “you artificial education IS over your head, so far” Grammar seems to be over your head, boy. Artificial education? Perhaps a sane person in this thread could translate this for me? Seriously Diane, this guy is a gaslighter and a fraud. He adds nothing but a dump truck load of crap.

          1. If you want to provide a rebuttal for my comment, OK – but to just say that my “education is artificial” – which is to say that the foundation of my comments (the facts that are in my brain and that my cognitive abilities are faulty) is pure gas-lighting. It is an indirect ad hominem attack on me… not a rebuttal. This is all the liberal establishment people can do. I have yet to see any of them provide any kind of reasoned informed rebuttal of anything I say. It is always gas-lighting or ad hominem attacks. Their intellectual vessels are empty and it shows.

  24. I mostly echo others’ thoughts – Glad you’re doing better. Your recent issues underscore that you should do whatever’s best for you. As for comment trolls, I’d say the current level is about right, or perhaps give them a slightly shorter leash. If you feel they waste too much of your time, feel free to shorten it more than slightly, or you may want to consider recruiting one or more more trusted readers as ‘assistant editors’ to approve comments, leash the trolls, etc.
    Please keep us posted on the Green Top Closing pool – I don’t recall my position exactly, but I do know if they don’t close soon, I’m going to owe a donation to my favorite non-profit journalist. 🙂

  25. Trolls serve no purpose but to antagonize good people. They don’t participate in discussions but instead spew idiocy and hate. If I wanted to read their crap I’d hang out at the Pantie-waste-graph or HuffPo.

  26. I’m perplexed by the attacks on the Pantagraph other traditional media while at the same time this blog often cites reporting from the Pantagraph and other media. No one else notices this? I’d also be interested in Diane’s definition of news VS opinion. Because this blog is not news. Not by any stretch of the imagination. This Sunday in church the general message preached was do unto others…and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Loved it. Wish some of you had been there to pray with me.

    1. There is a reason you are perplexed and no one here (or anywhere else) can help you understand. This is all over your head. We can handle this without you pretty well. So… good bye.

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