Democrats buying votes?

Why was the Democrat Party Chairman handing out pizza to the voters at ISU?  Erik Rankin just happen to be with Dan Brady’s opponent – Ben Webb.  Webb had to be asked to leave since his presence at a polling place is obviously illegal. Rankin didn’t know that?  (Seems democrats either never know the rules or break them intentionally!)

Maybe Republican Chair Connie Beard should show up and hand out pizza during the next election!  I bet Rankin would be howling!

Buying votes with freebies is what Civic Engagement looks like?  Is that what Rankin teaches?  Did Rankin give kids extra credit too with an “I Voted” sticker?

The video is nothing but a 5 second dance.  I wonder if there was a sign behind the pizza boxes saying:  Courtesy of the College Democrats?

19 thoughts on “Democrats buying votes?

  1. The pizza was most likely for all the last minute voter registration by ISU students who caused the long lines, two-hour wait and the need to keep the ISU voting location open past 7:00 pm on election day. Shameful! Or, should I say shameless?


  2. Obviously, Mr Rankin cannot read either, as there are signs AND cones, etc. placed outside polling places that CLEARLY read NO CAMPAIGNING beyond this point. So is he teaching his students that breaking the law is OK if you’re a Democrat also?? This is the lowest form of campaigning that exists.. PERIOD!
    But I guess by now we should EXPECT that kind of behavior out of the “blue drizzle”

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  3. I found Rankin’s quote in the Pantagraph that people in the county still have a problem with skin color appalling. Rankin provided zero evidence to back up his claim and the reporter failed to ask for any evidence.


    1. When ISU asks for money, I may have to say I’m a Republican and not sure I want to donate more to a university that supports an employee calling me racist.


      1. Since it links to Facebook, the link doesn’t show. Here’s a description: Tonight from 7-9pm in the Circus Room of the Bone students can learn about the trials that undocumented people face with clips from a documentary, an information table from CAUSA, and some words from the YWCA’s Jenn Carrillo #UPBeAnAdvocate


  4. Here’s an interesting situation: College students can vote on campus because the law now considers their dorm room as their “home”. (How many also vote absentee/early at their real home is a whole other scandal.) But….if the get caught expressing disapproval of homosexual marriage, or, God Forbid, using the N-word in their “home”, they can be evicted and expelled. So many things wrong here.


    1. The college students vote for big government including all the overspending on Uptown because somebody else picks up the tab. They leave after 4 years and don’t have to face the financial consequences. Brillant!

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  5. I am outraged that Erik Rankin would buy pizza from Little Caesars in pizza boxes that can’t be recycled. Where is the outraged that he refuses to boycott them? Look at the pile up of boxes in the Bone Student Center that are now cluttering our landfill in McLean County.


  6. Voter fraud ? Maybe we should look at McLean County precincts for oddities.
    This Democrat thing seems somewhat nation wide. Who won big and where in McLean County?
    Monies coming in from upstate, what about votes?
    This is Illinois folks. Love it or leave it.


  7. On Nikita’s ISU web she has about Erik Rankin stating in his speech that she lost because McLean County voters has issues with color! I guess Rankin had to resort to playing the race-card as to why she lost so I posted this in response and also put it to Professor Rankin in his Facebook message box: You know Rankin it doesn’t surprise me that you would play the race-card for Nikita’s loss but PLEASE don’t throw it at me because I did vote for Kathy but I have also worked for Dr Alan Keyes (Great American Black Leader) in his campaign for Illinois Senate and was very proud to be a part of his campaign I have always had great respect and admiration for him as a true Patriot that loves America and our American Heritage of Liberty and Freedom. I might agree about this problem of long lines at the ISU Bone Student Center voting precinct EXCEPT for the FACT of early voting at the Government building which gave ample time to get votes in. My family and myself took full advantage of the early voting and found no lines we had to wait in at all. Maybe voters should start being RESPONSIBLE for getting there own votes in instead of blaming Kathy our McLean County Clerk. Isn’t it odd that this “complaint” of long lines at ISU Bone Student Center didn’t come out until quite a while after the election results surfaced, so I can’t help wondering is this just the whining’s of disgruntled losers! I do believe dear Professor and correct me if I am wrong but it was the Democrats who originally wanted early voting and though I rarely agree with Democrats I think it’s a great idea! After all there could be a snow storm on election day, the car might not start or you could be sick there is a number of obstacles that “could” happen on that one day to stop a person from voting so I personally think it’s a good to have a number of days before the election day to vote. I did my best at ISU where I work to keep my students informed about some of the candidates that were running for office and I’m around 150 students in their living areas each day Monday through Friday’s. My kids know that I am a proud 1980 Ronald Reagan Republican for Capitalism, Free Enterprise with a Christian foundation big on 1st and 2nd Amendments. I explained to them about Kathy’s good work that she has done for us as our County Clerk and that I thought she deserved being re-elected. Also I let them know about the Democrat Boot-Camp headed by a very radical leftist Representative named Cheri Bustos that Nikita went to being trained in the Saul Alinsky Progressive style of anti-American governing. I hope I was able to steer them in the Right direction! Nikita’s campaign was financed by the multi-billionaire J.B. Pritzker so Nikita was able to advertise and do campaign promos much greater then Kathy YET Kathy won and you want to know WHY? Because she ran on her own record of doing a good job as our McLean County Clerk she has done an outstanding job for McLean County! You know Professor you deal with the students in your classroom I see them in their living areas and I find many of them swallow your left-wing, American hating indoctrination but not all of them do there are many that are from Conservatives homes that love America and our Heritage, oh! they will jump through your hoops to get the credits that they need to get their degrees but trust me when I say you do not have the control over their minds that you think you do. As they get older they see the need to have nice things like homes and vehicles for their families and many times they become Capitalist with success and fulfill great ambitions and leave the Socialist indoctrination behind.


  8. I guess I should of put what Professor Rankin stated that drew my response to his race-baiting. Here it is: Nikita was an incredible candidate,” said McLean County Democratic Party chair Erik Rankin, also a departing member of the McLean County Board. “What I think it says is that this county still has some issues with people of color. And I’m concerned about that.


    1. But Rankin was right! Nikita WAS an incredible candidate!
      But you have to parse the word correctly – ‘in’ meaning ‘not’ and ‘credible’ meaning ‘worthy of belief’.


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