Bill Mitchell’s Funding

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mitchell is my representative and one of the guys who defected from the Republican Party to raise your taxes.  I wonder if he knew that bill also raises gas taxes .05 a gallon?  I doubt it since nobody had time to read the bill.  More surprises may surface.

Today I got a card in the mail from Stand For Children Inc urging me to call and thank Mitchell for voting yes on the budget.  Obviously they should have used postage that would have delivered it more than a week ago since the purpose was to get the veto overridden.  It does claim the bill FULLY FUNDS our schools and eliminates the $15 billion backlog of unpaid bills.  Expect lower taxes soon!

It doesn’t mention the tax increase needed for the budget Mitchell voted for.

The address for this organization in Springfield is a building with no name on it.  I’m sure they really care about the kids though.

The card got me wondering who contributed to Mitchell.  I hope the Illinois GOP learned their lesson – they were his biggest contributor:  $19,936.46 for his last election.

See all of his contributions here:

Many of the organizations must be Googled to see who they are.  Some need more than once to trace who is really behind them.  Some are easy though:

CITIZENS FOR DURKIN     04/29/2016     $250.00

Durkin is the Republican minority leader in the House.

If the IL GOP gives him a DIME in the future it will prove they don’t represent us!







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