Brad McMillan – he didn’t know?

By: Diane Benjamin

McMIllan has this pinned to the top of his Facebook campaign page:

Even though Ray Lahood lied to the FBI, the justice system has laws for the well connected and different laws for the rest of us. Brad McMillan was right by Lahood’s side. He didn’t know Lahood failed to disclose a $50,000 check?

See this story:

Lahood denied receiving the money from a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire until the FBI showed him a copy of the check. Of course Lahood wasn’t charged with lying to the FBI. I wonder how he explains even knowing a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire.

McMillan needs to explain his role. As Chief of Staff to Lahood for a decade, how could he not know? Nothing in the story says McMillian turned in his boss for not disclosing the “loan”.

What does that say about the character of both? McMillan is teaching kids LEADERSHIP? He runs the Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service?

This is the leadership he wants for Normal? Haven’t you seen this story too many times already in Normal?

How far away from the corrupt tree does Lahood’s son Darin fall? He’s obviously on the DC Lifer-track just like daddy.

In case you forgot, Lahood was supposedly a Republican who took a cabinet level job with the Obama Administration.






7 thoughts on “Brad McMillan – he didn’t know?

  1. A professor teaching “leadership” courses? Lol. Another communist carpetbagger grifting off kids who couldn’t get a job in or near Chicago to live in Boystown — so he’s here to make BLN a mini version. Easy to spot.

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  2. McMillan’s a lawyer. He will fit right in with Brian Day. They fabricate legal reasoning to justify illegal deeds, until they get caught. Just like Day and Reece saying over and over that the town’s public comment policy was legal until the Attorney General caught them and ruled otherwise.
    You are spot on that there is no accountability when bureaucrats are caught. Day will continue to be the 2nd most overpaid paid town employee and LaHood will continue to receive his taxpayer funded pension.
    Zimmerman is an attorney too. So another person trained in making legal arguments to avoid morality.

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    1. Well, when a public office can get you the attentions of an ambitious 18-year-old by backing him for another public office (for which he is grossly unqualified), it seems that the gay mafia has its perks. So, no, I don’t believe it is a coincidence.


  3. As Lost Morality points out, there are 5 Politicians on the ballot even if there are only 3 Incumbents. Both Brad and AJ have enough political ties that anyone paying attention should know they’ll just continue our current ‘rubber-stamp’ council. If I were just a casual voter, there’s a good chance AJ would’ve gotten my vote.
    Please get out to the word to anyone who will listen! Normal’s election is important not just to Normal, but to all of McLean County and perhaps even all of downstate. Given the opportunity, will Normal choose fiscal sanity, or elitist / leftist bullying? Normal will inspire candidates in future races elsewhere, whichever side wins.
    We Truly *Need* Marc Tiritilli for Mayor.
    And Sila / Blumenshine / Harsh / Toney (my order of preference, but they’re all good choices) for council.

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