Good News: Connect Transit is losing less than they budgeted

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 7 – The budgeted loss for the year is $16,350,921.

That means Connect should be losing $1,362,577 a month.

In September they only lost $1,148,129.

The budgeted loss increased $2,593,421 this year. See last fiscal year, PDF page 7

Over $13,000 was spent on Travel and Meetings, of course a FOIA has been filed.

Fixed route riders increased over the same month last year (still dealing with COVID then?):

Mobility riders increased too:

PDF page 17:

Here’s the problem: Voters need to HOLD THEIR FEET to the FIRE instead of agencies wasting money.

I did that a few weeks ago when a representative from Darin LaHood’s office was in Ellsworth. A wrote up a long list of problems I’ve mentioned here many times and handed it to her. So far no response from LaHood. Since he rejoices in funding Public Transportation in the least effective ways I will not be voting for him.

PDF page 19: HB 398 State-wide Complete Streets. Empty bike lanes may be required.

PDF page 21: HB 3125 Creates the Electric Vehicle Charging Act. Provides that the Act applies to new single-family homes and newly constructed or renovated multi-unit residential buildings that have parking spaces and are constructed or renovated after the effective date of the Act.

Think housing is expensive now? Just wait, of course nobody asks where the electricity is going to come from. Evidently democrats think it comes from the wall.

House Floor Amendment No. 3
Provides that a new single-family residence or small multi-family residence that qualifies as an affordable housing development shall have one EV-capable parking space for each code-required parking space if the owner is issued a building permit 24 months after the effective date of the Act.

I’m sure low income people will rush out to buy and EV!

PDF page 25-26 Darren Bailey introduced the COVID-19 RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION SB 2983

This bill has no co-sponsors in the House or the Senate. Nice Republicans! Evidently the others think government can make you do anything they want.

PDF page 28: Executive Order Pritzker continues ruling instead of governing:

PDF page 31: An application is on PDF page 34, it has to be submitted in person.

PDF page 37: If 20% of voters can’t afford to get to a polling place don’t vote for the people who made you poor!

3 thoughts on “Good News: Connect Transit is losing less than they budgeted

  1. Like you, I will NOT be voting for LaHood!!  He’s done nothing to my benefit or yours. I hate to vote for the Democrat running against him, but may have to.  Ron 


  2. No bus service in the SW portion of the City but there are several polling places…hmm. CT doesn’t consider anything west of South Main to be part of the system…hmm. Bus access to the Vet Clinic is poor at best…hmm. This is virtue signaling.

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