Why I’m not voting for Darin LaHood

By:  Diane Benjamin

Is the GOP still breathing?  It’s hard to tell since nothing they promised to win elections has happened.

The GOP won the House in 2010.  What have they done since?  The House is supposed to be the “People’s House”.  They control spending – the power of the purse.  The GOP has yet to use it.

The GOP won the Senate in 2014.  Now they control both Houses of Congress.  They have the ability to pass any legislation or budget they want, they have failed to pass anything meaningful.  Instead, they funded Obama’s illegal amnesty, they funded ObamaCare, they fund the EPA and every other government entity they campaigned against.

Was it worth handing Congress over to them?  For what?  They agreed with Obama the Iran deal wasn’t a treaty.  They intentionally gave themselves no way to stop it.  Lots of talk – no action.

Fast and Furious investigations are all but dead.   Nobody has been held accountable for the IRS targeting of conservatives.  Benghazi is still a bad joke Hillary is trying hard to bury.  The VA is still allowing veterans to die – nobody responsible.  Illegals are still flooding the country and flaunting their presence.  Citizens die at the hands of people who have no right to be here, Obama releases criminal illegals claiming no room to hold them.  Spending is still bankrupting future generations and stealing their futures.

This list is practically endless!  So what good did it do to elect Republicans?  Waiting . . . Waiting . . .Oh, you don’t know either!

Speaker of the House John Boehner threw a fundraiser in Washington DC for Darin LaHood.  The Chamber of Commerce wants amnesty for illegals, they gave LaHood money.  The same people who gave Aaron Schock money gave LaHood money.  Seeing a pattern yet?  This so-called conservative is bought and paid for by the same people who run the Do-Nothing House of Representatives.

I’m not going to vote LaHood, but I’ve never missed an election in my life.  Therefore I am voting for the Democrat.  Oh the horror!  lol

Facts:  The seat is up for election again in 2016.  If LaHood wins in September he will be there for life playing the Boehner games like Schock did.  If the Democrat wins, he is only there for a year and the balance of power in the House is unaffected.  A good candidate, not bought by Boehner, could easily win the seat back.

A loss by LaHood would not only send him a message, it would send one to Boehner.  The actions of the current GOP make winning the presidency in 2016 an impossibility.  With leaders like Boehner who don’t stand for anything, why vote GOP?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

If LaHood wins in September, the 18th Congressional voters are truly insane.  I fully expect they are, after all most of them didn’t vote.

23 thoughts on “Why I’m not voting for Darin LaHood

  1. The only problem with your theory is that if Darin LaHood looses, he’ll probably run again and win the next go round. You’re not going to be able to get rid of him that easily.


  2. Diane, I feel your outrage regarding the situation & understand the dismal mess of the Republican Party. It’s unfortunate that the American people are so complacent, especially the Christians. I’m sick and tired of The Republican Party & it reminds me of most churches today, while some may be still preaching The Word in its Truth and Purity—they just aren’t walking the walk & it’s becoming obvious that the Republican Party does not want to follow its political platform. I’m ready for the formation of a Conservative Party Movement. How some Christians treated Mike Flynn in the last election was a true disgrace & I pray that he doesn’t become discouraged and not run again. We need more people like him! Why doesn’t someone go after LaHood’s scandal with paying volunteers?


      1. If you want to see a State being ran by Religion, look to North Carolina. Just one thing to look into, Education funding. Last place in Nation for paying teachers with over five years experience, vouchers to give 40 million to private schools. Most of which are church ran.
        Look into other areas also. Like voter redistricting by religion.


      2. People also use to think the world was flat and we were the center of the universe. It’s time to evolve and quit believing in fables.


      3. How does North Carolina do when it comes to results? Simply looking at how much money is spent is meaningless.


      4. The Establishment Clause is in first amendment states that government is prohibited from elevating one religion over another. In effect it says we can’t pass laws strictly because they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Seventh Day Advantist. But you are allowed to exercise your religion without government interference. Separation of Church and the State. You can certainty vote with your faith in mind, just don’t expect the elected to prefer one religion over the other. Flynn screwed the pooch when he had Louie Ghomert(sp) endorsing him. It turned me off. It would be nice to have Conservative candidates who are just that and don’t subscribe to conspiracy fodder just to garner support. Cruz is doing the same thing.


      5. Most conservatives are religious. Liberals think of themselves or government as god, where the rest prefer freedom. Read the founding documents. The Declaration of Independence spelled out why men were created to be free. God doesn’t change, sorry you don’t understand what that means.


  3. Good point about not voting for Lahood. Only problem is that I’d be afraid the democrat would get elected and then stay elected. the GOP may be bad but the dems are worse.


    1. Only problem is that I could not live in that cess pool in D.C., nor could I deal with the stench that waffs into neighboring suburbia. Thanks but no thanks!


      1. It would rate right up there with living next door to or having lunch with Renner or Hales. No way, no thanks.


  4. Is a write-in possible for Mike Flynn? I mentioned on facebook that I also would not vote for LaHood and sending a democrat to Washington might send a message. I am with you.


    1. Others of us had felt that way, but that isn’t possible. I contacted the County Clerk’s Office of Logan County & found out write ins are only possible during a primary & there is a process that must be followed for write in candidates. The exasperating part of my conversation was that the gal working in the clerk’s office didn’t have a clue who Mike Flynn was! But then I ran into the same issue when I went to vote; the three stooges working the voting booth didn’t know who Mike Flynn was either and the shocking part of that conversation was that one was a retired school teacher—and she could have been one of the teachers that taught my kids! I was OUTRAGED!!! It’s outrageous that Christians don’t know the Bible and that the American people don’t know their Constitution! And that most Republicans that vote think as long as they are voting for a Republican that’s OK, when most are RINOs & don’t even follow the Republican Platform! It’s no wonder our country is a mess!!! And complacency is everywhere—-not many people really seem to care anymore! People need to get educated & be informed and unfortunately education is not even happening in our public schools right now! Connecting with the McLean County TEA Party and other TEA Parties throughout IL help educate on issues & discuss what is happening and with 9/12 groups and other organizations like Hillsdale College help educate on the Constitution. From there it is important as a citizen to get out and be involved wherever you can be—get involved with helping the conservative candidates run for office or run for local office. It’s time to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT for what is Right and True—-we must fight to get our country back!!!


  5. Like you, I have never missed an election, but not wanting to vote for LaHood either.

    I think I will take your advice, hold my nose, vote for a Dem and hope for a better candidate in a year.

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  6. Ok, I’ll bite. Is the conclusion you want me to come to involve politicians governing with their faith? I understand there is more to a politician than simply how many times they read the bible a day. George W. Bush brought his religion into his rationale for the Iraq War. I bought into his way of thinking and all being religious did was create a secretarian war and draw Iraq closer to Iran. Plus add on some national debt. I’m sorry, I vote with a lot of other factors in mind because I have been burned by voting with my faith.


    1. Having faith doesn’t make anybody perfect, voting for a guy of little or no faith is a disaster. Bush was never a conservative, his family tried to defeat Reagan. I’m going for a true conservative of faith.


    2. A powerful documentary that addresses the issue of religion and government is “Divorcing God Secularism and the Republic.” Our Founding Fathers intended religion and morality to be pillars of the new republic, providing the restraint that would allow maximum liberty for the citizenry. Today, this delicate balance of religion and state has been eroded by secularist push to isolate Christianity in our culture and render it irrelevant. The choice in our day is a stark one: As a people we either return to our Christian roots…or we divorce God altogether and watch our country continue to erode & to lose all our freedoms. Returning to the principles established by our founders is the way to restore moral sanity and rebuild the foundations that made our nation great.


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