Debate: Mike Flynn on term limits

By:  Diane Benjamin

This comment by Mike Flynn is one of my favorites from last night’s debate.  Darin LaHood refused to say how many terms he would serve.

After the debate Fistbump tried to ask LaHood again for a number instead of rhetoric about supporting term limits – he got shoved by LaHood campaign manager.



10 thoughts on “Debate: Mike Flynn on term limits

  1. Mike Flynn did an impressive job last night. He has a wry sense of humor and a great command of the issues and his postion on them. Mr. Reints seems like a nice fellow, but not “up” for such an important job at this point. Mr. LaHood appears to follow in his father’s footstep (claiming to be a conservative) but I was not comfortable with the sincerity of his positions.


      1. As I recall there was some applause from the audience for Mr. LaHood. I also noticed 20 or 30 young people with LaHood t-shirts in the audience. Many did not look like they were even of voting age. Can we assume that the LaHood people brought them in to make it look like he had a lot of support? 🙂


  2. Out in front of Stark constructions office on W. Washington St., there is a LaHood sign. As this union labor group ordinarily supports the democratic party, what’s that tell you?


  3. Darin LaHood …. just the same old rhetoric … blah blah blah. He’s just another worthless career politician.

    If I was in the district I would vote for Mike Flynn, no question about it.


  4. Yesterday I received a piece of campaign propaganda from LaHood. It was a letter signed by the mayor of Heyworth, Sherif Sandage and a bunch of people in state government (Billy Bob, Jason, Dan Brady, etc) in support of LaHood. Their line of reasoning of support was that Darin introduced term limit legislation in the state senate and that he contributed $30,000 to Pat Sullivan for State Senate against Dave Kohler. In response, I have to ask if Darin will support term limits in congress, and secondly if he’s stupid enough to hand out $30,000 to an idiot like Pat “Sully” Sullivan (the guy who wanted to put Illinois on an oatmeal diet) than what other wasteful spending measures will he support in congress. Moreover the $30,000 contribution to Sullivan is hardly Darin’s own money. It’s pact money; the very than that got Aaron Schock into so much trouble. The people who signed this letter are way too stupid to see the holes in their own arguments. Things that should be sending a red flag to the average American are viewed by them as a badge of honor.


  5. We already have term limits–they are called elections. Republicans need to wake up and realize that term limits are a HUGE poison bill. In this country, the majority of Democrats run in urban districts where a chimpanzee or a child molester with a “D” by his name will receive 85%+ of the vote. By contrast, most Republicans have to run in competitive districts. Term limits don’t help get rid of corrupt, big city Democrats. They only increase the vulnerability of Republicans who have to fight for their wins, often against a biased press, hostile educational establishment and growing Left-wing vote fraud. Think about it!


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